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Shayne's Fosters Pups & Dogs

Olympia, WA 98501

cats & dogs at Shayne's Fosters Pups & Dogs

Areas Shayne's Fosters Pups & Dogs serves

We are fosters in W WA, from Olympia, Wa and sometimes Seattle, WA. We foster puppies and dogs. Meets are after we approve the application and then you can adopt. Puppes/dogs are either in foster in W WA or available to pre adopt.
Yes we always have puppies available!
ADOPTION EVENTS; Pet Works Olympia (downtown) 407 4th Ave. Olympia, WA. 1130 am - Sunday Dec 4th and Sunday Dec 18th. Events begin at 1130 and go to at least 130 or perhaps 2pm.
Currently, our events are the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month (unless there is a holiday or such). Come meet us and our pups/dogs! Our pups/dogs are saved from TX where a typical TX shelter pts 1000 puppies/dogs/month. :( Yes we wish we that were not true:(

To ADOPT, PLEASE do apply in advance. You can leave an event with a pup/dog to take home IF we have approved your application. However, typically, we can't approve an application during an event). Hence, BEST to apply in advance. Any pups/dogs in foster in Western WA you apply, then we approve you to adopt. You meet/greet adopt after approved, so you never need to go to an event to adopt a pup/dog from us!

In each dogs bio is the link to apply.

That is the application link for MOST of the dogs/pups we adopt. It is the applciation for all of Pet Central SATX Rescues dogs/pups. However, occasionally we do help out other rescues as well. Optimally, check a dogs write up as the link to that dogs rescue WILL be in the bio/write up.

Yes, Dec 4th Sunday. 1130 we will be at Pet works downtown Olympia

We have events as of now, 1st & 3rd Sundays at 1130 till 130 pm (might be there till 2pm) at Pet Works in Olympia, at Noon!

This link works for MOST of the dogs we adopt out:

An article about what we do.

Shayne's Fosters Pups & Dogs's adoption process


Submit Application

Please put your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice in the application. Each dogs write up has a link on how to apply. If there is no link, pls email us.


Approve Application

We contact when we approve application. If u applying elsewhere we must know.



Additional adoption info

Always please fill out the application that is essential and it is easy and we have a simple online link.
However, we assist different rescues so if you are applying for a specific dog or pup and are not sure how apply, please see this application link from Pet Central SATX Rescue below.

You can always email us at Thank you!

About Shayne's Fosters Pups & Dogs

We used to call ourselves Shayne's Rescue as we used to rescue dogs. Now, we are Shayne's Fosters as we foster TX rescue pups & dogs.. We assist several TX rescuers where shelters kill 80-99% of what comes in besides the millions and millions of strays on the streets. Hence, we foster for TX rescues who do impeccable jobs of vetting, quarantine all of their pups/dogs and send up the best dogs we have ever met. All have a health certificate prior to transport (vet visit). We work super hard volunteering and we can always use more assistance from volunteers!

Please do apply. We have so many dogs and puppies available.

This applcation we always see, for our long term partner Pet Central SATX Rescue.

Shayne's Fosters Pups & Dogs's adopted pets

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