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Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue

P.O. Box 778, Plainville, CT 06062

cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles & small animals at Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue
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Areas Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue serves

We rescue exclusively from Connecticut but welcome out of state adopters with an approved application.

Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue's adoption process

Additional adoption info

Covid-19 Adoption Process Details:

*Please note, email/facebook inquiries are being responded to on a limited basis due to overwhelming volume/limited volunteer availability. Currently, we do not have a public phone number (any found online are no longer valid).

*Please follow below instructions precisely to be considered for adoption. All cats listed on our petfinder site are considered still available, however, there may be other applications in for them/pending meet and greets/have special adoption requirements/etc. For out of state applicants, yes, we do still out of state adoptions, on a case by case basis.

Step #1) Submit application for adoption at the following link: Please answer ALL questions thoroughly. Missing/incomplete responses will not be processed. We take applications very seriously. The more info, the better. There are no real right/wrong answers, all we care about is finding the right match for our pets, based on each of our cats assessment. If your application was successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it.

Step #2) Wait for us to contact you via email. Again, check your spam folder. All applications will receive an initial review within 14 days. If we feel we have a potential match, we will contact you for further info. All questions about our cats you have will also be answered during this time. To speed up the process, please let your vet & personal references know we will be contacting them. If you'd like to further speed up the process, please forward us copies of all vet records of your current and/or prior pets (Hint: this is very helpful for us). Videos of our cats can also be provided upon request during this initial contact for further info on our cats.

Step #3) We will verify your vet and personal references. If that checks out, we will contact you again via email. Please be patient. Vets are also working on limited hours/staff/etc. A phone interview may also occur, of which a foster will call you from a private number.

*Note: If you do not hear from us within 14-21 days, we do not feel we have a potential match for your home at this time. We do not deny applicants/provide status updates/etc. due to limited volunteer availability/volume of inquires during this time.

Step #4) If all references check out, a meet and greet will be scheduled at a foster home. This will only occur if an applicant and foster has had no covid-19 symptoms/known exposures in the last 14 days. All precautions will be taken including use of masks, gloves, etc.

Step #5) If all parties (foster, rescue and applicant agree to proceed with adoption, said cat(s) will receive a pre-adoption vet check with our vet and our adoption packet will be sent to applicant for review.

Step #6) An adoption day will be scheduled after vet visit is complete, which will be the same day as a home visit. The foster will bring said cat(s) to applicants home and paperwork will be signed at that time. Again, all precautions will be taken (masks, gloves, etc.) and again, only as long as no one (foster/applicant) has had any covid-19 symptoms/known exposures in last 14 days.

*Thank you for your understanding during this time! No exceptions to this policy will be made, unless otherwise discussed. We have a lot on our plate with limited volunteers and this is the best way we can keep doing adoptions, as well trying to fundraise, care for the fosters/feral colonies/sanctuary cats and above all, keep everyone safe.

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About Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue

Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue was formed to focus on helping animals who need help the most. We strive to help those abandoned or neglected, as well as community cats. We are a no-kill rescue and will do whatever it takes to save those in need.

Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue's adopted pets

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