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Rexburg Animal Shelter

490 W 4th N, GPS Friendly - 400 N 5th W, Rexburg, ID 83440

Contact Stephen Buzzell
Phone (208) 359-3005
cats & dogs at Rexburg Animal Shelter
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Areas Rexburg Animal Shelter serves

Rexburg, ID
Madison County, ID

Rexburg Animal Shelter's adoption process

Additional adoption info

Adoption Fees (Cash or Check only):
Cats $95 (includes Spay/Neuter, Vaccination, Rabies, Microchip, and City License)
Dogs $125 (includes Spay/Neuter, Vaccination, Rabies, Microchip, and City License)
Fees may vary based upon special needs the animal may have.

Adopters will need to provide Photo ID.
If they do not own the home adopters will need to provide proof that they are able to have the animal, they are interested in at the location they reside. (this might be a letter from a landlord, rental contract, or other documentation)

About Rexburg Animal Shelter

Many people look to animal control and the shelter as a last resort when they have tried other options and been unsuccessful; we're working to change that image. Animal control and the shelter should be looked at as a resource; here you have people trained in handling animals and animal behaviors, people with the experience and references to help you and your animal with obedience training, to work past behavioral issues, or to help the neighbor quiet their noisy dog. The shelter is also here to help reunite lost animals with their families or to find new homes for those animals where their families can no longer provide the environment needed.

Rexburg Animal Shelter's adopted pets