My name is Electra & Cinder!

Chinchilla for adoption in Hammond, Indiana - Electra & Cinder
Photo 1 - Chinchilla for adoption in Hammond, Indiana - Electra & Cinder
Photo 2 - Chinchilla for adoption in Hammond, Indiana - Electra & Cinder
Photo 3 - Chinchilla for adoption in Hammond, Indiana - Electra & Cinder
Photo 4 - Chinchilla for adoption in Hammond, Indiana - Electra & Cinder
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NWI Chinchilla Rescue

Facts about Electra & Cinder

  • Species: Chinchilla
  • Color: Unknown
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Unknown
We have a pair of female chinchillas looking for their new home. These girls are named Electra and Cinder. Electra is an 8-10 year old standard grey female chinchilla, and Cinder is a 1 year old extra dark ebony female.

Being a standard grey female chinchilla, Electra is a salt and pepper grey over the top of her body, with a white belly. Cinder, being an extra dark ebony, is a solid black chinchilla, including her belly, which is also black.

These girls are more chins for an advanced home, or for an adopter who is not easily intimidated by chinchillas and, more specifically, by spraying. While neither chinchilla is mean and neither has actually ever bitten anyone, they have an interesting pair dynamic. Both can be very talkative when you reach into their cage, and neither is afraid to spray you.

Electra is the older of the two, and she can sometimes get a bit protective over Cinder. You sometimes need to bribe Electra to get her to move, to get to Cinder. They both will take treats out of your hand and can be bribed. They both LOVE their fleece tubes and can often be found sitting in them. Especially when they’re in their tubes (but also at other times), they seem to enjoy being petted through the bars of the cage. It’s simply when you actually reach in the cage and go to catch them, that’s when they get defensive and may spray.

Once you get them out of the cage and actually into your arms, perhaps surprisingly, both are reasonably nice chins! Electra is the calmer one, while Cinder is the more active one, though this makes sense considering their ages.

Neither chin has ever bitten. Both have sprayed, multiple times, so that’s always a possibility with these girls, but that’s more of an annoying habit than anything… it’s not like it hurts to get sprayed. They’re not aggressive, just very defensive.

These two would do well in a cage where they could be let out for playtime, in a way that doesn’t necessarily involve having to pick them up. In my mind, I picture a cage lower to the ground (maybe a one level ferret nation on the stand), with a wooden ramp to the ground, so the chins could let themselves in and out of the cage on their own (during playtime only of course), with a playpen set up around the cage. We think they would do well with playtime and would really enjoy it, but as far as catching these girls and actually letting them out, that itself seems like it stresses them out and likely will continue to do so, unless you’re able to devote a lot of time to working with them and hopefully turning these behaviors around.

These girls are more of a “look and don’t touch” type of chinchillas. If you want chinchillas and just think they’re fun to watch, these girls might be the chins for you. They won’t bother you if you’re feeding or watering them, or adjusting things in their cage… you can even nudge them out of the way gently, if needed, it’s only when you go to actually catch them that they start getting defensive. Oh and of course, if you put some fleece tubes in their cage near the front of the cage, they’ll go in there and you can scratch them through the cage, and still interact with them and hand them treats, without actually handling them all that much. They just need that sort of special home, and we’re sure it’s out there somewhere!

These girls are a pair and can only go to their new home together. Please do not contact us asking to adopt only one of them. They are bonded chinchillas and will be staying together.

Sorry, but these chinchillas will NOT be coming with our typical health guarantee, as Electra is a senior and both of these girls are very defensive.

These chinchillas will come with some food to start you out (four pounds of Tradition pellets), two goodie bag of chews/treats, and a printed out version of our care packet. They will also come with a lifetime of help and support, should you ever need it. If more supplies are needed, we also sell a variety of chinchilla supplies, from cages to hidey houses to hammocks and everything in between.

Regardless of past chinchilla experience, all potential homes will be asked to read our chinchilla care packet and fill out our adoption application/chinchilla questionnaire. If you are unwilling to do this, please do not waste our time or yours. No chinchilla will go to a new home without an adoption application being filled out - no exceptions.

Electra & Cinder are located in Hammond, Indiana (zip code 46324). Sorry, but we do not ship.

The adoption fee for these chinchillas would normally be $150, but due to our Super Summer Sale, they are now available for $125!

Must be adopted or have a deposit down by July 31st. Sorry, but our multi-chin discount does not apply during this sale.

For more info and pictures, visit our website -

If you are interested in this pair of chinchillas, or have any questions, please let us know. We also do have other chinchillas and other small animals up for adoption as well. You can email us at or call 219-789-0026 for more information or if you have any questions. If you call and there is no answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you.


About NWI Chinchilla Rescue

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I am Ashley Gajda and I am the "owner" (if it could even be called that) of the rescue. I opened this rescue because I hated to see small pets without homes, and wanted to help. We opened the rescue in 2003 with very few cages, but have since expanded and now take in a variety of small animals and have plenty of spare cages. It is just me running the rescue, so I'm always looking for volunteers to help with whatever needs it at the time.

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