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My Story

ATTENTION, PIT BULL LOVERS! Meet GILLEY (pronounced Jill-y), a 2-year-old pit bull mix who is ready and willing to love and be loved. Gilley melts when she is hugged and petted, and she goes absolutely bonkers for toys. She's fairly high energy, so a fenced yard and / or regular walks or jogging would be ideal. Gilley is a bit over-eager around the other dogs here and 'fence fights' with them, so we exercise her alone and have posted her as best being placed into a home where she would be the only pet. Since we don't have children in our homes, we also don't know how she would be around them. Gilley is crate-trained and appears to be house trained. We think she could easily learn commands if someone works with her. Her adoption fee is $150. Apply online at our website or email us for more information.


Adoption Process

We are a home and foster care-based rescue, with no shelter facility or employees. Because our rescue dogs live in private homes, we ask those interested in adopting from us to complete our application as the first step in our process and only set up an appointment to meet the dog(s) in which they are interested after they are approved to adopt. Use our online application or email info@savethestrays.org to request an application.