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A 4760 S Highland Drive, Suite 316, Salt Lake City, UT 84117 rescue helping to find loving homes for cats.

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Areas Bengal Rescue Serves

Foster-based Bengal cat Rescue organization. Our major areas served are the West Coast, through the Rockies and Southwest.

Bengal Rescue's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

We are foster-based. We have an extensive application.

2. Interview

We interview potential adopters through video conference and ask to meet the family and tour their home.

3. Approve Application

Once approved, the owner can meet the cat.

We usually receive 25+ Applications for each cat in our program, so we ask Applicants to be patient while we evaluate each application in order to find the right match.

About Bengal Rescue

Our Mission at Bengal Rescue is to rescue Bengal cats and other hybrid cats. Hybrid cats also include Savannah cats, Toyger cats, and Chausie cats.

We are members of a very large community of Bengal Cat enthusiasts. This includes other Rescue Organizations, Adopters, Fosters, Behavioral Experts, Medical Experts, and yes – even Breeders.

It’s also a goal of Bengal Rescue to build a large social media presence so that we can find cats in need, and find them wonderful forever homes. This is how we find cats in need of rescue and identify potential adopters. It is also a great way for us to educate Bengal cat owners about their behavioral and medical challenges. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

With the support of these individuals, we have developed a nationwide foster network. We work with individuals who rescue, transport, foster, and care for these cats who are in a transitionary state. At times, we help current Bengal owners place their cats in new homes. In other cases, we rescue cats from Shelters and place them into Foster care while we search for their forever home. It takes so many resources and individuals to saves the lives of these cats. We couldn’t do this without each individual’s participation and support.

We ensure that all of the cats in our program are seen by a Veterinarian and receive Medical assessment and treatment. In the case of Owner Surrender we ask the Owner to cover veterinary expenses before taking him / her into our program. When we rescue cats from Shelters, we ensure that the cat receives whatever care is deemed necessary by the Veterinarian.

In the end, we are as firmly dedicated to the cats in our program, as we are to our very own feline family members.

Come Meet Bengal Rescue's Pets

Our cats are all located in Foster homes. Meet ups can be arranged after we've received your application and have approved an in-person meet and greet.

Bengal Rescue's Adopted Pets

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