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A Bakersfield, CA 93308 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Photo of Marilyn


Female, Adult
Border Collie

Photo of Tallulah


Female, Young
German Shepherd Dog

Photo of Rocky


Male, Senior, Special Needs
American Staffordshire Terrier

Photo of Lola


Female, Senior
American Staffordshire Terrier

Photo of Rowdy


Female, Senior
American Staffordshire Terrier

Photo of Tango


Female, Adult
Pit Bull Terrier / Mastiff

Photo of Bristol


Female, Young
American Pit Bull Terrier / German Shepherd Dog

Photo of Spot


Male, Senior
Mastiff / American Staffordshire Terrier

Photo of Camy


Female, Adult
Border Collie / Husky

Photo of Ozzy


Male, Adult
Rottweiler / Mixed Breed (Medium)

Photo of Lana


Female, Young
German Shepherd Dog / Husky

Photo of Winnie


Female, Young
Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed Breed (Medium)

Photo of Cole


Male, Young
German Shepherd Dog / Husky

Photo of Kate


Female, Puppy
Pit Bull Terrier

Photo of Trixie


Female, Senior
American Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever

Photo of Newbie


Male, Adult
American Pit Bull Terrier

Photo of Hannah


Female, Young
Anatolian Shepherd

Photo of Sire


Male, Senior

Photo of Tilley


Female, Young

Photo of Vernon


Male, Young
American Staffordshire Terrier

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Areas Lucky's Crew Animal Rescue Serves

Kern County
Fresno County
Kings County
Tulare County
Monterey County
San Luis Obispo County
Santa Barbara County
Ventura County
Los Angeles County
San Bernadino County
Inyo County

Lucky's Crew Animal Rescue's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

2. Interview

3. Home Check

4. Approve Application

5. Meet the Pet

6. Sign Adoption Contract

7. Pay Fee

We match you with the perfect dog if the one you initially signed up for is not a good fit or is already spoken for. Once all the formalities are done and over with, you may take your new best friend home!

About Lucky's Crew Animal Rescue

It all began late one evening when Meredith, founder of LCAR, watched John, co-founder, pull into the driveway with an unexpected passenger. There she sat in the front seat, as tall as she could possibly get, so she could look out, over the dashboard. It was love at first sight.

John had found Roxy (the most amazing boxer) wandering the streets in Oildale and had brought her home with him in hopes of reuniting her with her family. Meredith and John took her to the Vet the next morning to have her checked for a microchip. To everyone’s delight, she had one! But, as fate would have it, the person who finally answered the call after several days of trying, hung up when the Vet explained their dog was safe and ready to go back home and never answered a call from the Vet again.

That’s when Roxy went home with Meredith and John, becoming the first of many, many rescued dogs, cats and horses that were yet to find their way home to the ranch. Roxy was a great teacher, peace keeper and, quite possibly, the sweetest creature on earth! She was the welcoming committee for all the new dogs and made them feel safe.

Lucky arrived soon after. She and Roxy were thick as thieves from day one and roamed the ranch as if they owned the place. Well, they did actually own the place! Every new animal would be thoroughly inspected and shown the ropes. Every four legged creature was welcomed with wiggly butts, lots of licks and happy barks.

While Roxy was the Mama whose babies could never do anything wrong, Lucky was the cheeky middle child who was always up to mischief. Before she decided which home was hers, Lucky had been canvassing the property for 4-6 weeks, stealing the neighbors snack lunches and staying just out of reach. Once she had made her pick, she simply waltzed in and took over. She’s been queen of the castle ever since.

Several dogs have shown up on the property since then, appearing as if out of thin air. They must have heard of the ranch being the place to be if you had no place left to go.

Come Meet Lucky's Crew Animal Rescue's Pets

We are not hosting or participating in pet adoption events at this time in order to assist in keeping the pandemic under control.