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A All Northern California, Redwood City, CA 94065 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Areas NorCal Collie Rescue Serves

Our volunteers take in and rehome collies in Northern California north of the Tehachapis.

NorCal Collie Rescue's Adoption Process

Adoption Information:

Adoption Application:

Because we do collie rescue and are often overwhelmed by the many collies needing to be re-homed, we are dedicated to making sure that each collie's placement by NCR will be his or her "forever home". For this reason, we screen all adoptions carefully and ask for your understanding. We must ensure that a collie placed with you is the right decision for you both.

Adoption fees cover the costs of rescuing and rehoming collies. The single major cost of rescuing and rehoming collies is veterinary, to cover spaying and neutering and basic health care.

We have set the adoption fees to the minimum necessary to meet the needs of our collies and finding them their forever homes. Our fee schedule is based upon the age and health care needs of the dogs in their new homes. Adoption fees for adult dogs start at $350 and may be adjusted at the discretion of the area coordinator, based upon age, adoptability, and probable health care costs or other extenuating factors.

In the rare event that puppies under 6 months of age become available, the adoption fee will be higher and comparable to the purchase price of a puppy. Our adoption fee schedule is designed so that younger and more desirable dogs help to subsidize the care of the older, less adoptable dogs for which health care is expensive and reasonable adoption fees are limited. Learn more about our Angel Fund which also supports the health care costs of our older and other special needs dogs.

We appreciate any donations and financial support that the adoptive homes can offer to defray our real costs of rescuing and rehoming collies.

About NorCal Collie Rescue

NorCal Collie Rescue was founded in August 2004 by collie lovers living throughout northern California. Some of us have been working to rescue collies for many years, and members of our group of rescuers worked for other collie rescue organizations until recently. We came together in our new incarnation as NorCal Collie Rescue to serve northern California and adjacent areas of Nevada and Oregon, as the most comprehensive collie rescue organization yet to serve this region.

The aim of NorCal Collie Rescue is to rescue every purebred collie dog in California outside the area covered by Southland Collie Rescue, from shelters, relinquishing owners, finders, or other sources, regardless of the age, state of health, or condition of that collie. We also serve adjacent areas of western Nevada and southern Oregon when the need arises.

NorCal Collie Rescue was formed from a consortium of local collie rescuers within its area of coverage. We welcome any and all individuals and organizations sharing our goals and willing to abide by our by-laws to join with us to rescue and rehome collies. We also cooperate with and support all legitimate non-profit dog rescues within the state of California and beyond.

One of our founders also rescues collies through The Road Home K9 Rescue, an organization that works with special needs dogs, such as shy dogs, senior dogs, and normal dogs with behavioral issues easily modified with training.

NorCal Collie Rescue may also provide aid to collies in other areas and in ways other than rescuing and rehoming them. NCR maintains close ties with our mentor organization, Southland Collie Rescue. We work with other 501(c)(3) Collie rescues to assist with home checks, transporting collies, foster homes and adoptions. We also assist with rescuing and rehoming collie mixes and collies not handled by NCR on our referrals page.

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