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A PO Box 1231, Apex, NC 27539 rescue helping to find loving homes for rabbits, small animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and/or fish, farm-type animals.

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Areas All Creatures Rescue & Sanctuary Serves

All of NC; some parts of SC and VA.

All Creatures Rescue & Sanctuary's Adoption Process

Steps in the adoption process:

1. Before you apply, we urge you to become familiar with the housing, diet, and health requirements of the species you are interested in. We will be happy to provide educational materials or you can check out one of the care guides. Just email us for more information!

2. We ask all potential adopters to fill out an adoption application. We now have an online application (available here.) You may also download an MS Word copy of our application here and email it back to us if you have problems with the online form.

3. When we receive your application and have performed the vet check, we email you to talk about your interests and needs and try to match you up with your ideal pet.

4. We then schedule a time to visit your home so you can meet your chosen animals. If there is to be an introduction between rabbits, we will also need to schedule a "date" on neutral ground for them to get acquainted.

5. At the home check we will answer any remaining questions you might have!

Husbandry requirements vary based on species. Please visit the appropriate page below for more information:

Guinea Pigs

Adoption fees:

We do ask for a small donation to be made for each animal which is adopted. We spend approximately $250 per animal prior to adoption, about $150 of which is vet care and spay/neuter, so you can see that the adoption fee does not even begin to cover the cost of rescue & rehabilitation. Larger donations to cover the cost of spay/neuter are always appreciated, and any donation you make above and beyond the adoption fee is tax deductible!

Guinea Pigs - $40 per pig ($70 for a bonded pair)
Rabbits - $70 per bunny ($120 for a bonded pair)
Rats - $15 per intact rat; $30 per altered rat ($25 intact/$50 altered per pair)
Gerbils/Hamsters/Mice - $10 per animal, $15 per pair.
Birds and Reptiles - Varies by species

Return Policy:

We will always, no matter what, accept adopted animals back into the rescue, no questions asked. It can be 5 years down the road, and your adopted pet and any bondmates will still always be welcome back for readoption or Sanctuary.

About All Creatures Rescue & Sanctuary

Our History
ACR&S was founded in September 2001, with the goal of helping the Orange County APS with the care and adoption of their guinea pigs and other small animals. Initially, all adoptions were handled through the APS, but as the demand for a small animal specialty rescue grew, we began taking in animals and performing adoptions independantly. In January 2004 ACR&S was incorporated as a non-profit corporation, and is recognized as a non-profit by the state of North Carolina. We were granted federal 501(c)3 status on October 18, 2005.

Our Mission

1. To improve the lives of abandoned, unwanted, or injured domesticated exotic animals.
2. To educate owners and rescuers about proper care for domesticated exotic animals.
3. To educate the general public about responsible pet ownership.
4. To assist and partner with other organizations having similar missions.

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