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A Lebanon, TN 37087 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, horses, reptiles, amphibians, and/or fish, farm-type animals.

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Areas Freetown Sanctuary Serves

Smith County, Wilson County, Trousdale County, Knox County, Davidson County, Hamilton County, Coffee County, Henderson County, Grundy County, Rutherford County, Cumberland County

Freetown Sanctuary's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

Our simple application is the most efficient way to get the conversation going about the pet you are interested in.

2. Approve Application

We know the animals best & try to approve applicants (not 1 applicant exclusively) who seem like the right fit for their unique needs.

3. Home Check

4. Sign Adoption Contract

5. Pay Fee

6. Take the Pet Home

You must read our Frequently Asked Questions below and complete our application before contacting us. Due to the volume of inquiries we receive and the fact that we have no paid staff, we are not able to get back to those who do not follow these instructions. Thank you for understanding. Click ‘Read More’ for the Frequently Asked Questions.


Is -insert pet name- available?

We have gotten this question in regards to animals listed as “adoptable,” animals listed as “adopted,” and animals that we have never heard of (likely another animal on search results that was mistaken as being one of ours). If the animal is listed as adoptable on Adopt-a-Pet, they are indeed available. We keep the Adopt-a-Pet webpage up to date.
However, by asking this question, many people miss their opportunity to even apply for the pet. While you await the answer, someone who followed the correct steps and applied will be reviewed, approved, and offered an opportunity to meet him/her. The common concern with this is people do not want to “waste their time” applying for a pet only to not adopt them—unfortunately, that is a risk of this process that one must be willing to take. Especially in the case of puppies, so many applications are received that disappointments are inevitable. The application is short and not intrusive. Our goal is actually to save you time, since we can more quickly determine if this is the animal you are looking for.

What is your phone number?

We do not communicate by phone with potential adopters until the application process has begun. This rescue has no staff. You are only working with volunteers who have day jobs, families, personal lives, and animals (their own as well as fosters) to take care of every single day. Email is a wonderful invention because it allows us to communicate with people at any odd hour we might have available…typically, that is at night after we have exhausted ourselves with other duties. Post adoption, we welcome phone inquiries, but please be aware that responses by phone will be extremely lagging in comparison to email.

Do you consider out of state adopters?

Yes. Please submit an application for the animal and include any supplementary information you would like about yourself and the home you would provide in the same initial email. The more you are able to paint a picture for us, the better, as it is always difficult to send our beloved family members a great distance away.

Why is your adoption fee so high?

Our fees are fair and reflect the spirit of rescue. If a rescue group takes in a healthy pet that costs a minimal amount to make ready for adoption (neutering/spaying, grooming, vaccinations, microchip, monthly preventatives), the “profit” from that animal is applied to the vetting costs of the many others who are not as fortunate.
We work with traumatized animals, treat illnesses and injuries—providing care that the original owners either refused to provide or could not afford. Rescuers do whatever is necessary and it can often take several months to return the animal to good health, physically and/or mentally. It is not unusual for the costs of this care to run from $450-$1000 per dog. For every puppy that 10 people are clamoring for, there is an old or fearful animal who gets no application or is unadoptable. As years pass, he is welcome and loved, but costs money in food, vetting, and supplies that far exceed any reasonable adoption fee.
We foster these animals in our homes, making them part of the family while providing the aforementioned care and training. We spend hours on the computer each day–communicating with shelter workers, coordinating transports, guiding new foster parents or volunteers, responding to adoption inquiries, arranging help for animals in distress.
If you have a problem with the cost to adopt from us, please go to your local shelter. The pets at the shelter likely need your help much more than our pets do and are at risk of euthanasia. They have a lower adoption fee because the facilities are funded by the government and they often, at least in Tennessee, provide no veterinary care to the animals. There are thousands of other private rescues with low fees who desperately need good people to adopt their animals.
We are also not against certified, respectable breeders. There are some out there who treat their breeding dogs like pets, keep them in the home environment, breed them only the appropriate number of times throughout their life, and do not abandon them when they are old and unable to earn cash. Further, they make some attempt to send their animals to responsible purchasers only.
The choice is yours—all we ask is that you make your choice an educated one.

Can I have a discount?


I am interested in more than one animal. Can you cut me a deal since I would be taking two animals off of your hands?

No. We are not against people adopting two pets at once from us (and sometimes they wish to do this because the animals are bonded), but their adoption fees are what they are.

I sent in my application. How long will it take for you to get back to me? I need to know because I applied with other rescues as well.

We have been told by many that we are the fastest responders they have ever worked with in pet adoption. If a completed application is received, it is usually acknowledged within 48 hours. Depending on the number of applications for the pet in question, it can take up to 7 business days to receive a letter of approval.
We only have one volunteer that maintains the email account on a regular basis and said individual also has a full time job, personal life, and other duties in the rescue to keep up with. If you do not hear back within the aforementioned time frames, it is likely that 1) you did not fill out the application completely, 2) your application was not received, 3) your email address does not accept emails from us, or 4) it is an unusually hectic time and we need further prompting in order to get back to you. If you think any of those possibilities apply to you after a business week has passed, please feel free to write again and express your concerns.

Was your letter of approval exclusively sent to me?

No, the letter of approval can be sent to any number of people for a particular pet. There are often multiple excellent potential homes for an animal and there is no need to choose only one to approve. Often this means that the animal goes to his/her new home faster and space is made available for those in need sooner.
If approved, you will be written and given the opportunity to make an appointment to meet your potential new family member. Sometimes appointments are cancelled, the appointment does not turn out to be a successful adoption, etc. The first ones to follow through with the visit and appear to be a good match will have the opportunity to follow through with adoption.

Do you offer holds?


Why was I rejected?

If you know in your heart that you are an honest, good potential home for a pet and were not chosen, just know that we likely agree and meant the rejection as no slight against you. There are often too many good homes after one particular pet. No matter how it’s approached, there will be some disappointed but deserving people.

Can I return my pet if it is not working out?

Yes—we require that you return the animal to us rather than giving him/her away, dropping him/her off at a shelter, etc.
We take pets back for any reason and there is no animosity or judgment on our part if it comes to this. We would much rather someone return the pet to us than continue letting the animal develop poor behavior. We just hope that most families that we choose to adopt a pet to will have the experience and dedication to put in a sincere effort to make the adoption work before they throw in the towel.

Can I get a refund or a different pet in exchange for my returned pet?

Our refund policy is covered in our contract.
No, you cannot get a different pet from us in exchange for your returned pet.

Can I do anything to help?

Collect tax-deductible donations at your school, your children’s school, your work, your church. Examples: Used or new blankets/towels/linens, canned dog or cat food, dog or cat toys, paper towels, puppy pads, dog treats, chew bones, cat litter, straw, hay
Transport dogs/cats to/from the vet
Off Site:
Opportunities to help us off-site are only limited by one’s own creativity, not by the ideas listed here or on our application. Our Facebook, Petfinder, and AdoptaPet pages need to be shared with as many people all over the country as possible. Fundraisers must be conceptualized and organized. Adoption days at various businesses in the greater Nashville area must be arranged, organized, and worked (the more hands to hold leashes and/or hand out flyers, the better.) We also need help checking references (making phone calls to veterinarians and character references) and doing home visits (which would be limited to an area convenient for you). You might be out of state, but willing to do pet transportation: people often are willing to bring an animal part of the way from a kill shelter to another volunteer, to us, or directly to the new home. The distance you travel will be designated by you (usually at least an hour to be of significant assistance). Foster homes are always needed.

About Freetown Sanctuary

Since 2005, our family farm has been dedicated to providing refuge for animals in need. Whether house, farm, or exotic pet, we have seen it all before. Currently, our focus is working out of foster homes in the greater Middle Tennessee area to allow rescue pets the time to decompress in environments similar to their future forever homes.

Come Meet Freetown Sanctuary's Pets

We choose not to partner with corporate pet stores for adoption events. Due to the pandemic, we will not be attending any festivals until 2022. Please complete an adoption application in order to arrange a private meet and greet with the animal you are interested in!

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