Daisy Acres Critter Services

A 7161 Anders Avenue, 23 mile Chena Hot Springs Road, Two Rivers, AK 99716 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, small animals, birds, farm-type animals.

Lynn Orbison

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Areas Daisy Acres Critter Services Serves

Daisy Acres Critter Services is a boarding, training, grooming and rescue/rehabilitation facility in Interior Alaska. We have placed pets all over the state, as well as in other areas of the country and in Canada.
I deal mostly with sled dogs and basset hounds, but have also placed cats, and various livestock and small animals.

Daisy Acres Critter Services's Adoption Process

Adoption fees vary depending on the age and health of the animal and the financial capability of the adopter. The most common adoption fee requested is $100 per dog. Every animal offered through Daisy Acres Critter Services is spayed or neuter prior to adoption.
We have an adoption contract, and we hope you'll read it and honor it should you choose to adopt from us.
We offer a lifetime take-back guarantee on any adoption.
We're looking for additional foster homes and are also willing to help you effectively place your unwanted animals.

About Daisy Acres Critter Services

I started out as a dog musher and found that I loved the slow or scared dogs just as much as the fast or tough or winning dogs. It makes me crazy that so many mushers create dogs, either accidentally or on purpose, and then pass them along if they don't live up to some expectation.
I'm trying to take responsibility for my corner of our sport by loving and caring for the also-rans as well as the geriatrics and the surplus pups that come my way. I can't save them all, but with your help, I could save another one or two.

Come Meet Daisy Acres Critter Services's Pets

The public is invited to my home and kennel at 23 mile Chena Hot Springs Road by appointment. (Drop-ins are usually welcomed, if I'm home!) Sometimes I go to races or to other public events.
Email works better than phone for me because I can answer when I have time (which might be at 3 a.m.) and my computer is more reliable than the answering machine. (Most computer keyboards are also more legible than the ancient recorder on the phone/fax machine.)