Heartland Humane Shelter & Care

A 398 SW Twin Oaks Circle, Corvallis, OR 97333 shelter helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and/or fish, farm-type animals.

Pets at Heartland Humane Shelter & Care

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Male, Adult
Domestic Shorthair / Domestic Shorthair


Male, Adult
Guinea Pig / Guinea Pig


Male, Adult
Guinea Pig / Guinea Pig


Female, Adult
Domestic Longhair / Domestic Shorthair


Male, Adult
Domestic Longhair / Domestic Shorthair

Lil Hen

Female, Adult
American Staffordshire Terrier


Male, Young
Mixed Breed (Large)


Male, Adult
Alaskan Malamute


Female, Senior
Domestic Shorthair / Domestic Shorthair


Male, Adult
Labrador Retriever / Border Collie


Female, Kitten
Domestic Mediumhair / Domestic Shorthair

Lee Lee

Female, Senior
Domestic Shorthair / Domestic Shorthair


Male, Senior
Labrador Retriever


Male, Adult
Domestic Shorthair / Domestic Shorthair


Male, Adult, Special Needs
Labrador Retriever


Male, Adult
Hound (Unknown Type)


Male, Adult, Special Needs
Domestic Shorthair / Domestic Shorthair


Male, Adult
German Shepherd Dog

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Areas Heartland Humane Shelter & Care Serves

Heartland Humane Shelter & Care serves Corvallis and Benton County with lost-and-found pet services, low-cost adoptions, humane education, and low-cost or no-cost animal welfare programs.

Heartland Humane Shelter & Care's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

Adoptions are by appointment. Submit an application via our website: heartlandhumane.org/adoptions/

2. Approve Application

Staff will contact you to approve your application and set up an appointment to come meet our adoptable animals.

3. Visit the Facility and Find a Pet

Please come to your appointment ready to adopt that day. Dog adopters should bring any dogs living in the home to do a dog-to-dog meet.

4. Sign Adoption Contract

5. Pay Fee

6. Take the Pet Home

Enjoy a wonderful life with your new best friend!

Our adoption procedures have changed in response to safety restrictions and precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit our website, heartlandhumane.org, specifically our Adoptions page (heartlandhumane.org/adoptions/), for up-to-date information on adoption procedures.

Things to know:
• We require that you are allowed to have an animal where you live. We will contact the rental agency or owner of the property to verify this prior to approving an adoption questionnaire.
• We reserve the right to deny an adoption if the animal will not be a good fit for your home.
• Adoption fees must be paid at the time of adoption (see below for a table of current adoption fees).
• Dogs: If you have a dog in your home already, you will need to schedule a dog-to-dog meet at the shelter before your adoption can be approved.
• Cats and small animals: We do not have the ability to do pet meets with cats or small animals prior to adoption. However, we can counsel you on safely introducing a new pet into the home, and will always take our animals back if an adoption does not work out.
• We require that animals are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. If an animal is not yet fixed, you may place a hold on it until it is ready to be adopted.
Heartland will always take our animals back if an adoption does not work out.

Current Adoption Fees

[Adoption fees must be paid at the time of adoption. We accept cash and credit/debit for adoption fees. Adoption fees include spay/neuter, microchip, appropriate vaccinations and parasite treatments, collar and tags (if appropriate), leash/carrier, free local veterinarian exam, and an optional one month of free pet insurance.]

Adult Dogs: $175*
Puppies (< 7 months): $300*
Senior (> 7 years) Dogs: $90*
Adult Cats: $65
Kittens (< 7 months): $115
Senior (> 7 years), FIV+, & Special Needs Cats: $30
Rabbits: $40
Guinea Pigs: $15
Other: ask staff
G.E.M. (Going the Extra Mile): varies
G.E.M. animals are highly adoptable and their fees go toward helping the other animals who are longer terms residents.

*License Deposit Fee (Benton County Dog Adopters): $10

If you are a Senior or a Veteran, you qualify for a special adoption rate! Ask staff for details.

Note: Heartland cannot guarantee that vets outside of Benton County will honor our free vet exams

About Heartland Humane Shelter & Care

Animal Shelter:
398 SW Twin Oaks Circle, Corvallis, Oregon 97333
Services by appointment on Tue, Wed, Fri & Weekends
Pet Food Bank: Open Daily, 11 am - 4 pm

Thrift Shop Address:
411 SW 3rd St, Corvallis, OR 97333
Hours: Wednesday- Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm
*Donations Accepted: Saturday, 11 am – 3 pm*

Heartland Humane Shelter & Care is a not-for-profit animal shelter and welfare organization serving pets and the people who love them in Benton County, Oregon. Founded in Corvallis in 1966, our mission is to build a more compassionate community by teaching humane messages to our youth, caring for homeless animals, and strengthening the human-animal bond.

Come Meet Heartland Humane Shelter & Care's Pets

All of our adoptable animals are can be viewed online. Adoptable animal profiles on our website are updated in real time. Please allow for a short delay in updates to affiliate websites.

Jan 2021: Adoptions are by appointment. Appointments are limited due to safety restrictions and precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and are reserved for serious adopters ready to adopt a pet during their appointment. If you'd like to meet our pets, please start by filling out an adoption application on our website.*

Please note, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific animals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Holds are not available. Adoption appointments will allow you to meet the animals who are available for adoption at the time of your appointment. Because appointments are limited, we request that you come ready to adopt that day.

Thank you for your understanding.

Heartland Humane Shelter & Care's Adopted Pets

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