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A We are not a shelter., Our fosters are cared for inside loving homes of our volunteers, Birmingham, AL 35235 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.


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Areas Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation Serves

We serve the Birmingham and surrounding Alabama areas.

Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation's Adoption Process

Our adoption process starts with us figuring out if the dog or cat sounds like a good match for you and your situation. We do this by discussing over the phone or through email what type of animal your looking for and evaluating your home and needs. If it sounds like a possible match we move to a meet and greet at your home. After the visit we decide if you would like to move forward and have a trial stay with the animal. The stay is usually for about 3 days to see how well the pet does and how well you start to bond. If for any reason or at any time during the stay you were no longer interested in having the animal in your home a volunteer would come and pick the animal up. If, however you feel like it's the dog or cat for you the next and final step would be for you to sign our adoption agreement stating that you will care for the dog properly and if for any reason the adoption is not working out that you will return him to FCDF.
Our adoption fee for pet depends on the animal.
The money goes directly to our charity to help the next pup or kitty and covers a little of the vet expenses FCDF has already incurred on the adopted animals behalf.

About Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation

We are an all-volunteer organization serving the Birmingham, Alabama area. We provide many services to the community, but our primary mission is to address pet overpopulation thru spaying & neutering

Come Meet Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation's Pets

Our pet are available to meet by appointment or by coming to an event we are participating in.

Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation's Adopted Pets

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Make a donation to Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation to help homeless pets find homes

Friends of Cats and Dogs gratefully excepts monetary donation as well as gift of food, supplies or veterinary services. For a link to make a financial donation please visit out website. for any other type of donation please email us to make arrangements.