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A Carnation, WA 98014 rescue helping to find loving homes for rabbits.

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Areas Special Bunny Serves

Special Bunny is a shelter/rescue for domestic rabbits. We have a particular fondness for special needs and older bunnies, but most of our adoptables are not special needs bunnies! They often come to us with medical needs, but we get them the medical care they need, polish 'em up, give them the attention and love they deserve, and hey presto! They turn back into regular bunnies who don't have any special needs at all...except for their need for your love and care. Any of our adoptables who DO have special needs are marked on their profiles.

Please visit our website -- specialbunny.org -- often, as we are always updating it with lots of information to help you take care of your bunny. The goal of Special Bunny's website is to be a place where people with special needs rabbits can come to find information in the care of their rabbits. We also maintain a fun Facebook page -- facebook.com/specialbunnyrescue -- with loads of photos and news.

Special Bunny's Adoption Process

WE ADOPT TO INDOOR HOMES ONLY. Your rabbit should be treated as an integral part of the family. With good care and lots of love, rabbits can live to be 7-12 years old and we expect you to make a lifetime commitment to your rabbit(s). The primary caregiver MUST be a responsible adult. Our adoption fee is $65 for a single and $120 for a pair (this helps us cover part of their spay/neuter cost). An interview and a photo of their housing will be required before adoption. Please email to set up an appointment.

Please contact Angie Green at angie@specialbunny.org.

About Special Bunny

At Special Bunny, even though we have a particular focus on special needs bunnies, most of our adoptable rabbits do NOT have special needs; they are 'regular' bunnies who came to us from shelters or people who could no longer care for them. If they were special needs when they arrived, it might have been from a lack of attention or a very solvable medical condition. We give them the love and care they need and they return to being their normal, wonderful, non-special-needs selves, and we look for forever homes for them.
If a bunny's profile says they bunny is special needs, it could be due to age, or an ongoing condition that is very manageable. Bunnies who have chronic or difficult conditions stay with us at our sanctuary to live out their lives in love and comfort.

Special Bunny sanctuary is a place where we welcome and care for special-needs and older rabbits to ensure they have a good quality of life; after all, being old or having special needs is not a disease that needs curing. These special ones just need some extra love and attention.

We are looking for people who want to adopt, support, and help our special bunnies.

Come Meet Special Bunny's Pets

Special Bunny is located in Carnation, please email angie@specialbunny.org to set up an appointment.

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