Pets come in all shapes and sizes, behaviors and personality types. Some swim, others slither, some fly, others hop, and most walk, trout, or run. is proud to have all types of animals available for adoption on our website. Just check out our newest species. If you want a new pet, but don’t know which to consider here are a few questions to help narrow your search.

  1. Can you commit to providing a loving home and care for a pet – for the rest of his or her life?
  2. What kind of pet can you afford? (Click here to read our blog article on the Average Costs of Owning a Pet)
  3. Does your residence (and homeowners or renters insurance) allow for pets? If so what type?
  4. If you will be moving, are you ready to make any extra effort need to ensure you can bring your pet with you?
  5. Are you able to provide enough daily exercise for the type and age of pet you’re looking to adopt?
  6. If you currently own pets, have you done research on doing a proper introduction, and are you prepared for separation and professional training if necessary?
  7. If you are going out of town, do you have a pet sitter or boarding facility lined up?
  8. Can you handle accidents that can harm or destroy your belongings?
  9. How much time can you devote to training and or providing quality time every day with your pet?
  10. Do any of your family members have allergies – if unknown, can you “test” their allergies prior to adopting by spending as much time as possible with the individual pet you’re interested in adopting?