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Can You Live with a Cat If You are Allergic?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024

Can You Live with a Cat If You are Allergic?

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You can live with a cat if you are allergic, unless you have severe allergies. In fact, thousands of people with allergies do live with their feline friends. Some who only have mild symptoms just put up with the symptoms or treat them with over-the-counter medicine. Those with moderate symptoms often seek help from a doctor who may prescribe prescription medications.

Does A Cat Allergy Mean I’ll Be Allergic To All Cats? 

If you love cats and have allergies, you might be hoping you can find a cat to which you’re not allergic. So, is that possible? Not technically. Cat allergies are caused by pet dander and saliva, so if you’re allergic to cats, then you’re probably allergic to all cats.

But there is some good news.

Some breeds of cats produce less dander, which means they may only trigger very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. While no cat is 100% hypoallergenic, the following breeds are among those that make a good choice for people with allergies.*

  • Sphynx

  • Cornish Rex

  • Oriental

  • Devon Rex

  • Russian Blue

  • Siberian

  • Bengal 

If you suspect you have a cat allergy, confirm it with an allergist. It’s possible to mistake a cat allergy for other types of allergies since the symptoms are so similar. Whatever the results are, don’t panic. In many cases, it’s possible to continue living with your feline family member.

*If you’re allergic and are considering adopting one of the cats listed above, it’s important to spend time around them first. This will avoid having to rehome a pet if it turns out they give you a worse-than-expected reaction. 

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