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How Do You Stop A Dog From Whining At Night?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


How to stop your dog from whining at night depends on the age of the dog and whether this is a sudden behavior. When you first bring a puppy home, expect whining at night. He’s in a new place and hasn’t yet to figure out if it’s safe. Usually, a puppy will stop whining at night once he becomes comfortable in your home. For older dogs, you may have to change some things about the environment or the dog’s routine. Also consider a possible medical issue if the whining started suddenly.


New puppies are a welcome addition. They are so cute and cuddly that nighttime whining seems a small price to pay—until you have to go to work with dark circles under your eyes. As mentioned above, most puppies will stop whining once they get used to you and to living in your home, but there are some tips that can help him feel more comfortable. Most of these tips will help with older dogs as well.

  • Give your puppy or dog plenty of exercise before bed.

  • Limit food and water starting about an hour before bedtime.

  • Play soft, calming music.

  • Work on proper crate training so he’ll view the crate as his safe place. Learn more about crate training here.

  • Allow your dog to be in the same room as you. 

Sudden Changes In Behavior 

If your normally quiet dog started whining a lot, make an appointment with your vet. As with any sudden change in how your dog acts, sudden whining could be a sign of a medical condition. Since your dog can’t tell you when he’s not feeling well, it’s important to pick up on signals that something could be wrong.

No pet owner wants to hear their dog whine, but by implementing these tips, you can help them enjoy a peaceful night. 

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