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How Long Does It Take a Pug to Get Used to a New Home?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


It will usually take a Pug from a few days to a few months to get used to a new home. All dogs are different and they’ll acclimate to a new home and a new owner at different speeds. In some cases, it might just take a few days, but with other dogs, it’ll take much longer.

One of the factors that can affect how long it takes is the age of your new dog. Older dogs that have been with their previous owner and in their old home for a long time may have a harder time adjusting than younger dogs and puppies. The personality of the dog will be a factor, as well. Fortunately, there are some things you can do that can make it easier for your new Pug to adjust.

A Welcoming Home with Her Own Space

Naturally, you want to be sure that you create a warm and welcoming space for your new dog. You’ll want to be sure that she has a little place of her own that she can head to if she starts to feel nervous. Have a doggie bed that has her toys and other items in it. Put it in a location where it’s still easy to visit with her new family when she wants, but private enough that she can have some time to herself if she needs it.

Not Too Many People Too Soon

While you’ll want to be sure that everyone in the family that’s living in the house gets to meet her, you don’t want to have too many people coming to visit. Too many people will overwhelm her, especially if you notice that she’s a shy dog that doesn’t like to have too much attention from people she doesn’t know.

Regular Walks and Feeding Times

It’s important to have a schedule for your dog, as they tend to do better with schedules. You should go on your walks at about the same time each day, and you should feed her at about the same time. She should have frequent potty breaks, especially when she first comes to live with you. You’ll want to learn her telltale signs, so you know when she wants to go out. This can help to reduce accidents, but they can still happen, of course.

Playtime and Relaxation Time

Although you want to be sure she has time to herself, you also want to make sure she feels welcome. Play with her, talk to her, and ensure that she feels like she’s part of your family. When it’s time to relax and unwind while reading or watching TV, invite her to be near you, so you can pet her. This attention can help you to bond with her quickly.

Patience is Essential

Remember, all dogs will adjust to being in a new home on their own timetable. Don’t force it. Be patient and expect that you might have a few setbacks along the way. Eventually, though, she’ll love you and your family just as much as she did her old family.

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