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What Can I Give My Cat For Stress?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024

What Can I Give My Cat For Stress?

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You can give your cat a variety of things to help with stress including catnip, calming collars, or pheromones, but you should talk to your vet before trying any of these. While you might think of your cat as pretty laid back, the truth is that it doesn’t take much for a cat to get stressed out. A change in schedules, the addition of a new pet, and any other upsets to the status quo can cause stress to your pet. Fortunately, there are effective ways to relieve stress in cats, and some don’t require medication.

Signs of a Stressed Out Cat 

There are several signs that your cat may be experiencing stress. These include:

  • Aggression

  • Urinating outside of the litter box

  • Hiding (more than usual)

  • Hair loss

  • Loss of appetite (see last section) 

If you notice these signs or other unusual behavior, stress could be the cause. It’s always a good idea to rule out a medical cause, so make an appointment with your vet. You can also use that appointment to ask about giving your cat various over-the-counter medications to treat the stress. 

So What Will Help? 

There are many natural supplements for calming your cat that many pet owners have seen a lot of success with. These include:

  • Catnip – Catnip has a euphoric effect on cats that tends to ease their stress.

  • Pheromones – A product like Feliway will diffuse a calming solution into the air that mimics a cat’s feline facial pheromones. These pheromones help calm your cat and send a signal that the location is safe.

  • Calming Collars – These collars contain pheromones and sometimes other soothing scents to help relax your kitty. 

Remember that you should always check with your vet before trying any of these natural remedies with your cat.

There are also other things you can do to help your stressed out cat that don’t require you to give your cat anything.

  • Get A ThunderShirt – Yes, these shirts can be used for cats too!

  • Interact More With Your Cat – If your cat enjoys human interaction, stress can come from boredom or loneliness, so spending more time playing, grooming, and cuddling your cat may help to reduce his stress.

  • Upgrade His Space – Adding more scratching posts, a kitty condo, or a window seat can make your home more inviting for your cat, reducing stress. 

It Can Become Serious Quickly 

Stress in cats can be very serious. In the case of a serious trauma, such as the death of a companion or an injury, some cats become so stressed out that they stop eating. This should not be ignored. Unlike dogs and humans who can go several days without eating, cats’ bodies are not equipped to do so. After just a few days of fasting, liver problems can begin and the results, if not treated, can be fatal.

If your cat stops eating, make an appointment with your vet right away. Early intervention is a must in order to avoid potentially serious effects.

From mild anxiety to life-threatening stress, by talking to a professional, you’ll be able to find a solution that will help your cat to be happy and healthy. 

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