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Why Do Dogs Rip Up Toilet Paper?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024

Why Do Dogs Rip Up Toilet Paper?

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Dogs rip up toilet paper because the feeling of holding something down and ripping it apart reminds them of attacking prey in the wild. Another probable reason dogs rip up toilet paper is because they think it’s fun. Either way, this destructive behavior not only costs you money, but it can be dangerous for your pet, so pet owners need to find a way to stop it.

Why Chewing Toilet Paper Is Dangerous

You might not think swallowing a little toilet paper would hurt your dog—and you’d be right. A little won’t hurt them, but larger amounts can cause serious intestinal blockages that require surgery and other treatment. Such blockages can be life threatening. 

Tips For Stopping The Behavior 

If your dog rips up toilet paper, you can solve the problem by preventing his access to toilet paper. Keeping the bathroom door shut is the simplest way to do that.

Aside from prevention, you also want to make sure that your dog follows basic commands like "leave it." This is important not just to save your toilet paper, but to prevent all sorts of troubles for your pet. If he doesn’t obey those basic commands, attending an obedience training class would be a worthy investment.

Dogs Just Want To Have Fun 

If you Google "dogs destroying toilet paper," you’ll find a treasure trove of funny videos of dogs ripping toilet paper to shreds as well as videos of pets being dog shamed for their actions. In the videos, it looks like the dogs are having a great time—at least until they get caught.

To minimize their trauma at not being allowed to rip your toilet paper apart, be sure to provide lots of toys in different shapes and sizes that your dogs can chew to their hearts’ content. To keep it interesting, add new toys into the mix on a regular basis. 

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