• Even NFL Players Need Emotional Support. Meet Zoë!

    The San Francisco 49ers are the first team in the NFL to have an emotional support animal join their team. Her name is Zoë and she’s an adorable French Bulldog. She’s a great stress reliever for the players, who spend time with her in between practices or before games. Back in October 2018, the director […]

  • Can the Humane Society of Utah Get 400 Cats Adopted In 4 Weeks?

    After visiting animal shelters across the state of Utah, staff members at the Humane Society of Utah realized there was a problem…a big problem. The shelters are bursting at the seams with cats and they are at risk of being euthanized due to lack of space. The reason for the above average influx of cats […]

  • Home Sweet Rehome Story: Delilah

    When looking to adopt a pet, what most likely comes to mind is adopting from an animal shelter or rescue. Adopting directly from a pet owner who needs to find a new home for their pet can be just as rewarding though.  Through our platform Rehome, current pet owners who can no longer keep their […]

  • Meet the Contestants of the Seresto® Circle of Love Summer Social Grant

    Our voting is now open! Head to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to learn about the two organizations and cast your vote for the one you want to win the grand prize social grant! Learn more about both organizations below.   HavaHeart Rescue Who they are: “HavaHeart Havanese & Furry Buddies Rescue is a non-profit located in the Springfield, […]

  • Meet the Contestants for Our Seresto® Circle of Love Social Grant!

    Our voting is now open! Head to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to learn about the two organizations and cast your vote for the one you want to win the grand prize social grant! Learn more about both organizations below. Animal Ark Rescue Who they are: “We are a no-kill animal rescue in Columbus, GA […]

  • Houseplants 101 – Which Can or Won’t Hurt Your Pets

    Houseplants can help you turn a synthetic-feeling space into one that blends beautifully with your natural surroundings. But while plants are a wonderful design option, some can also pose a threat to your pets. Here’s a quick look at some dangerous — and some not-so-dangerous — houseplants.   Aloe Vera Ingesting aloe vera can make […]

  • The Happy Healthy Pet Guide

      The following article has been provided courtesy of Petplan pet insurance, who is also offering an exclusive 10% discount on policies to Adopt-a-Pet.com supporters. To learn more visit Petplan.     As a pet parent, taking care of four-legged friends is your number one priority—and keeping pets fed, watered, exercised and happy is just […]

  • Book Giveaway! Win a Free Copy of The Total Dog Manual From Adopt-a-Pet.com

      Whether you’re an experienced dog owner or a first time adopter, Adopt-a-Pet.com’s Total Dog Manual has everything you need to know (and more!) to start you and your new friend off on the right paw – and now you can score your copy for free! We’re giving away a copy for each of the […]

  • Teach your dog to come when called, and be the envy of the dog park!

    Recall, or coming when called, is an incredibly useful skill for all dogs to have. While it’s often used to keep your pup safe when exploring off-leash, you can also use it when your dog is playing with other dogs to keep the play relaxed and fun! As you can imagine, being able to have […]

  • Finding a good pet sitter

    Vacationing or traveling with pets can be fun, but sometimes you need to find a good pet sitter for your pet. Work trips, out-of-country travel, or even an extra-long work day can mean your normal pet care routine can’t happen on schedule. You might be lucky enough to have a reliable friend or neighbor who can […]