You might not think a template is needed for a lost pet flyer or found pet poster, as it is not a very technically complicated thing to create, but when you’ve just lost your pet and are in a panic, or are trying to figure out what to do with a pet you found, you might not be able to calmly figure out the best design for maximum impact. You just want to reunite a lost pet with a distraught and caring owner! You can also use the LOST templates to create a flyer *now* of your pets, so you aren’t frantically searching for a good photo — when you could be out searching for your lost pet. So we’ve created a very simple but effective LOST DOG or LOST CAT poster template that you can click to download and edit in Word, as well as a FOUND DOG or FOUND CAT poster templates in Word. We used our decades of experience working in animal shelters and seeing what works (and what can be dangerous) to create these simple and effective flyers for your free use.


The FOUND posters are very simple, as it is best if you do not include a photo. You can edit the word “DOG” on the poster to CAT. Click to download Found Pet free Microsoft Word document:


Please read our Tips if you find a stray pet before re-homing a pet you’ve found, and you might also like to read  our FAQ answer for: “How can I find a home for a pet that I’ve rescued?


The LOST posters have a place for a photo, and you can add in the $ amount of the reward too. You can also edit the word “DOG” on the flyer to CAT or to the dog’s breed if a very well-known breed like Lab, Poodle, etc. Click to download Lost Pet free Microsoft Word document:


For helpful tips if you lost your pet, see our Lost Pet Guide.

Final tip: has a free online PDF flyer generator, which offers less edibility than our templates, but is a great way to make a good-looking printable Lost or Found Pet Flyer quickly and easily online.