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Where Can I Take A Cat I Found?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024

Where Can I Take A Cat I Found?

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It’s not easy to know where you can take a cat you found – in fact, it can be quite flustering! The first place you should go is to your veterinarian to get the cat checked for a microchip.

Make An Appointment With Your Vet

Most cats, if they were adopted at a shelter, through a rescue organization, or from a breeder, will have a microchip. This chip, when scanned, will show the cat owner’s name and contact information. If the cat you found is microchipped, you can obtain the contact information from the veterinarian and reach out to the owner. If the cat does not have a microchip, it’s time to take further action.

Post Signage Around Your Neighborhood

You should post signs for a lost cat in your neighborhood in case the cat’s owner is looking for her or him. You can also post signs at your veterinarian’s office and at your local animal shelter. The signs should have a photo of the cat, a description of where you found her or him, and your contact information. To learn more about the do’s and don’ts of creating lost pet signage, check out this blog post on our website.

Post On Rehome

If no one claims the cat you found and you do not have the ability to keep her or him, there’s still hope! The next step you should take is using Adopt-a-Pet.com’s Rehome program. Through Rehome, you can post the cat you found for millions of potential adopters to view! The process of posting a pet is easy and free!

The Rehome Process

Upon creating a Rehome account for your found cat, you will be asked to answer questions such as if the cat is spayed or neutered, their medical history, and what their personality is like. If you don’t have all these answers, it’s okay! You will fill in all the information that you can and share the cat’s story with any potential adopters so they know why there is limited information. Then, you’ll take clear, bright photos of the cat to post along with a bio that describes the cat as best as you can. Once you take these steps, you’ll be able to post the cat and you will begin receiving applications from people who would like to adopt her or him. For more information about Rehome or to get started, go here.

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