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Do You Have to Pay to Rehome a Catahoula Leopard Dog?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


If you’re the owner, you won’t have to pay to rehome your Catahoula Leopard Dog. Instead, the rehoming fees are paid by the person who will be adopting your dog. The only time that an owner might have to pay when they’re giving up their dog would be when taking them to a shelter or a rescue. These organizations will often charge surrender fees. The cost of the fees will vary, but they generally start at $50.

Why Charge Rehoming Fees?

If you’ll be giving your dog to someone you don’t know, you’ll want to charge the new owner a rehoming fee. You might be wondering why you should charge a fee if you’re desperate and need to have someone take your dog quickly. Wouldn’t it just be easier to give your dog away?

When you give away your dog, though, you never know who will come to get him. Although most people don’t like to think about it, some people are looking for free dogs for nefarious purposes. They might want to sell the dogs to a lab. Others might be looking for fighting dogs. When you charge a rehoming fee, it can cut these types of people out of the equation. After all, they don’t want to pay for the animals they get. They’re looking for free options instead.

The rehoming fees are there to help keep your dog safe. If you feel bad about making money when you give up your dog, you can always donate it to a rescue or an animal charity.

Do Shelters and Rescues Have Rehoming Fees?

You’ll find that shelters and rescues that sell or let people adopt charge fees, too. They often call them adoption fees, but they’re the same thing and they serve much the same purpose. Additionally, the fees charged by these organizations are typically used as a way to help the facility stay afloat.

The cost of the adoption fees and rehoming fees can vary based on the shelter. They’ll generally start at $50, but they can be quite high for purebred dogs, particularly those that are still young. If you’re going to rehome your dog on your own, learn what the common rehoming fees are in your area and charge something similar.

Use Rehome to Make the Process Easier?

If you would like to make it faster and easier to rehome your Catahoula Leopard Dog, consider using Rehome. This is an online pet adoption platform that lets you have control over who adopts your dog. You can create a bio, add photos and videos, and upload them to the site. People who are interested in adopting can then check out the site and peruse the profile. If they feel they’ll be a good match for your dog, they’ll fill out an application that you can then review.

The site is free for owners to use, and the adopters only have to pay a small rehoming fee similar to what they’d pay at a shelter or rescue. This way, you aren’t responsible for collecting the rehoming fee. It’s fast, easy, and helps to keep your dog safe. 

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