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How Do I Rehome My Great Pyrenees?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


You can rehome your Great Pyrenees with someone you know or you can find someone online who wants to become her new owner. Of course, when you rehome your dog, you need to be careful to ensure that she goes to the best family. Let’s look at some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind when rehoming.

There Need to Be Rehoming Fees 

Some wonder why owners charge rehoming fees at all. They feel that since the owners need to give up their dog, they should just give them up to a good home. The problem is that it’s difficult to tell who is going to provide a good home just meeting them once or talking to them on the phone or online a couple of times. Some people look for free dogs who resell them to labs, for example. Others might use the dogs for fighting or to train dogs to fight.

The rehoming fees are used as a means to deter these types of people from trying to get your Great Pyrenees. This is why you need to charge a rehoming fee in the vast majority of instances. The only time that you wouldn’t need to charge a fee is if you’re giving the dog to someone you already know and trust.

Rehoming Online

The Internet has helped to make it easier to find people in your area who are looking to adopt a dog. However, you’ll need to be careful about the sites you’re using for this purpose. Stay away from the standard classified ad sites. Even though they might have sections for pets, they’re not typically the places to find the candidates best suited to your dog.

Instead, look at pet adoption sites like Adopt-a-Pet and their Rehome platform. This is a peer-to-peer tool that lets you set up a profile for your Great Pyrenees. You can upload photos and videos of her, as well as a detailed bio. This can give the potential adopters more information about the dog to see if she’s right for them or not.

Since you want to have her go to the best home, be honest and forthright in the bio. If she doesn’t like children, let people know in the bio, for example. This ensures that only those who are right for your dog will submit adoption applications.

You can sort through the applications and then determine which of the potential adopters will be best for your dog. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you did everything you could to ensure she gets a nice new home with a loving family.

Rehoming with People You Know

Perhaps you know a relative or a friend who has been looking for a new dog. If they’re interested in adopting, and you feel they’ll be a good fit for your Great Pyrenees, talk with them. If they already know your dog and they like the idea of having a large dog, it could be a good choice.

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