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How Do I Rehome My Rottweiler?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024

How Do I Rehome My Rottweiler?

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If you need to rehome your Rottweiler, you’ll find several methods you can use to find your dog a great new home. Below, you’ll learn ways that you can rehome your Rottweiler, so you can be sure she finds a perfect new place to call home. Rehoming will take a bit of work on your part, but you’ll be happy with the results. It helps to ensure that she has a safe and happy life, and that’s what every pet owner wants.

Finding Someone You Know to Adopt

Naturally, one of the first thoughts that’s likely to spring to mind is letting someone you already know adopt her. It’s a good option since you already know whether they’ll be a good fit for your dog or not. You’ll know whether they can afford to take care of her properly and whether they’ll provide her with the exercise she needs.

Using Online Pet Adoption Sites

There are great adoption sites like Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com that will help you find a wonderful new home for your rottweiler. This site lets you create a detailed profile for your dog, which will include all of the important information about her, and publishes her bio directly onto Adopt-a-Pet.com for millions of potential adopters to see. The profile helps pet searchers find your dog and determine if she’s right for their family. You’ll also enjoy that the site is free for owners to use, and you can review the adoption applications to choose your dog’s new home.

Types of Sites to Avoid

While there are some good sites for pet adoption, there are some sites you should avoid. The want ad sites like Craigslist, for example, might be easy to use, but you have no way of discerning who sees those posts and who trying to get your dog. Sometimes, people don’t have any intention of adopting a dog until they see one on these sites. They aren’t prepared to own a dog. You want someone who is actively looking to adopt a dog like yours.

Why Rehoming Fees are Needed

Rehoming fees are used to help keep your dog safe. You’ll always want to charge a rehoming fee or go through a site like Rehome that charges the adopters. The fees for sites like Rehome will go back into helping get more animals adopted. Fees also mean that it’s less likely someone with bad intentions will try to get your dog. There are terrible people out there who look for free dogs to sell to labs and to use as training animals for fighting dogs. The rehoming fees help to cut down on this risk.

Are Shelters and Rescues the Same as Rehoming?

While it’s possible to surrender your dog to a rescue or a shelter, it’s not truly the same as rehoming. When you surrender your dog, you give up your legal rights to her, and you’ll have no say over who adopts her, or if she gets adopted at all. While these facilities do their best to take care of the dogs and find new homes for them, it’s not always possible.

Most owners will at least want to try rehoming first, as they’ll have more control over where their Rottweiler goes.

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