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How Long Does the Humane Society Keep Dogs?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


How long the Humane Society keeps dogs varies depending on multiple factors. The exact hold times differ by location and may depend on factors such as available space and the health and temperament of the dog. Sometimes a stray dog will have a longer minimum hold time than a dog that is surrendered by their owner. That’s because the shelter is required to allow time for an owner to come forward to claim a stray dog. The objective is to find every adoptable pet a home but, sadly, this isn’t always possible.

What Are My Other Options? 

There are multiple options to consider when you need to find a new home for your dog. The first and most preferable option is to keep your pet. For help with how to do this, check out our Keep Your Pet guide.

If you’ve decided that you have no choice but to give up your dog, the Humane Society is of course an option, but you could also try:

  • Asking if anyone you know is interested in adopting your dog.

  • Checking with local rescues to see if they have room to take in your pet.

  • Rehoming your dog yourself to ensure he finds a family that will love and care for him. 

While rehoming your dog yourself may be the most time consuming, it’s an option that gives your dog a great chance at a perfect new home and allows you to have control over where he ends up. 

Not sure how to get started? Start with checking out Rehome, a website that allows you to create a profile for your pet for millions of potential adopters to view on Adopt-a-Pet.com. Plus, Rehome provides valuable resources such as information about how to screen adopters and how to write an eye-catching "bio" for your dog.  

Taking the time to find your dog a good home will give you peace of mind and will give your pet the opportunity to have a second chance at a happy life. 

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