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What is a Reasonable Rehoming Fee for a Pomeranian?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


A reasonable rehoming fee for a Pomeranian will generally be up to $150, but this price can vary greatly. In some cases, it might be much higher depending on whether he’s purebred or not, his age, and the geographic location. Some areas simply have higher average rehoming fees.

Check the Average Rehoming Fees in Your Area 

If you’re an owner who is looking to rehome your Pomeranian, you’ll want to look at some of the other rehoming fees that are being charged. It’s a good idea to stick to the average. If the rehoming fee is too much, people will not want to pay. If it’s not enough, it means that there could be unscrupulous people who try to get your dog.

If you’re someone who is looking to adopt, you’ll also want to check the average rehoming fees, as well. Generally, they should be similar to what you would pay as an adoption fee to a shelter or a rescue.

Why Have Rehoming Fees at All?

Some people—owners and adopters included—might be wondering why there need to be rehoming fees. They may feel that when people have to give up their dog, they should just be happy that someone’s willing to take him. They may wonder why people are trying to make money off giving up their dog, a part of their family. The truth is that most people don’t want to give up their dog. There are circumstances beyond their control. The rehoming fees aren’t to make money. The fees are there to help keep the dogs safe.

Despicable people exist in this world, and they sometimes try to find free and cheap dogs. They want to resell the dogs to labs for a profit in some cases. Other times, someone might want to use your Pomeranian as bait and training for fighting dogs. You never want something like this to happen to your dog or any dog for that matter.

Rehoming fees are a necessity, and they should be charged in most circumstances. The only time that they don’t need to be charged is when you’re giving your dog to someone you already know well. If it’s someone you trust and who is a good fit for the dog, there’s no need for fees.

Use Rehome and Don’t Worry About the Fees

If you’re going to be letting someone you don’t know to adopt, you need to charge a rehoming fee, as discussed. Some owners worry about this, though. To make things easier, you can use Rehome. This site is from Adopt-a-Pet.com, and those who adopt through the site pay a small rehoming fee directly to the site, so you don’t have to worry about it. This fee is similar to what they would pay for adoption fees from a shelter or rescue.

The site is free for owners to use, and it allows you to create a profile for your Pomeranian. You can add a bio, photos, and videos. Once people start to apply, you can review the applications to ensure you find a wonderful new home for your Pomeranian.

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