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Do You Have to Pay to Rehome a Pomeranian?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


You don’t have to pay to rehome a Pomeranian if you’re the current owner and you’re looking for a new owner. However, there are different types of fees that could be involved depending on how you’re giving up your dog. It’s also important to understand why rehoming fees are so important and who pays them.

Why Are Rehoming Fees Needed Today?

People often wonder why someone might charge a rehoming fee. After all, if someone needs to give up their dog, wouldn’t they be happy for someone willing to take her if needed? While that might be true in a perfect world, we don’t live in that world. Some people have nefarious intent when they’re looking for dogs. They want to find free and cheap animals that they can then sell to labs or that could be used for training and bait for fighting dogs.

You never want something so horrible to happen to your dog, so you should always charge a rehoming fee. This helps to reduce the risk for your Pomeranian, as people who have bad intentions do not want to pay for the dogs they get. Rehoming fees aren’t about making money from your dog; they’re about keeping your dog safe.

What is a Surrender Fee?

Sometimes, the owner does have to pay when they give up their dog. This happens when surrendering your dog to an animal shelter or a rescue. The cost can vary but surrender fees will generally be at least $50 and are often higher. The facility and your location will play a role in the cost. The money from these fees, like adoption fees, helps to ensure the facilities keep running.

People who are adopting from a shelter or a rescue never have a problem with the fees they pay, so they shouldn’t have any problem paying a rehoming fee that’s in line with those costs. For example, when you go through Rehome to find a new owner for your dog, the site charges the rehoming fee. This is similar to what the adopter would pay through a rescue or shelter, and the money helps other animals get adopted.

When Do You Not Need to Charge a Rehoming Fee?

Should you always charge a rehoming fee? If you’re giving the dog to someone you don’t know, then you should always charge a fee. The only time that you don’t need to charge a fee to rehome your dog is when you already know the person well. You have a good idea that they’ll be a great match for your dog because you have known the person for a while. They might be one of your friends or a relative, for example.

The owner, unless you’re surrendering the animal, should never have to pay a fee to rehome their Pomeranian. If you find a site that charges you a rehoming fee to list your animal, choose another option that’s free like Rehome from Adopt-a-Pet.com

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