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What is the Fastest Way to Rehome an Australian Shepherd?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


The fastest way to rehome an Australian Shepherd is to surrender your pet to a shelter. However, just because this might be a fast option does not mean it’s the best option. Although shelters work hard to provide care, and help all the animals that come to them, not every shelter pet ends up adopted. It could mean that your Australian Shepherd has to stay in the shelter for a long time, or it could even mean that he will be euthanized.

When you need to rehome your dog, you shouldn’t only ask about the fastest option. You should instead consider the best option. You’ll find that surrendering to a shelter, despite being the fastest, should be your last resort.

Look for Alternatives to Rehoming

Giving up your dog can be one of the hardest things that you have to do. Before you make this decision, you should always check to see if there could be other options that could work for you instead.

Consider why you have to give him up. Are you moving? See if you can find a location that will allow pets, and then take him with you. Do you not have enough time during the day to spend with the dog? Are you unable to provide them with enough exercise? Consider looking for doggy daycare or a sitter for him that can help. Always see if there are other options.

Sometimes, you might find a solution you hadn’t thought of before. However, there may still be times when you have no choice except to find a new home for your Australian Shepherd. In those cases, there are still options better than a shelter.

Finding the Perfect Forever Home for Your Pet

One of the first things you should do is talk with people that you know to see if they might want to adopt your dog. If you’re only going to be gone for work for a few months, they might be able to foster the dog until you return, for example. If you can no longer keep your pet, you might find someone who is able and willing to adopt your dog in your circle of family and friends.

If you still can’t find anyone, a great option is to find a free adoption site like Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. This platform makes it easy to connect owners like you with people who are looking to adopt an Australian Shepherd. It’s a free site for owners, and the adopters only have to pay a small rehoming fee, which is then used to help other animals.

Rehome allows owners to put up a bio of their dog with all of the pertinent information about the animal, along with images and videos. This information helps prospective adopters know whether it will be the right pet for them or not. They can fill out an application, which you can then examine to find the ideal new home for your Australian Shepherd.

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