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This is just one of the pets we have helped in recent months, in addition to Ian, we had 5 parvo cases, 4 heartworm positive dogs, many with demodex manage, ringworm, internal parasites, injuries from dog fights, skin allergies, 2 hernias and internal parasites. This is just in August and September of this year. Our two 2006 vans have almost 400,000 miles between them and are pretty worn out. If we are to continue our work, we need your help, any amount will make a difference. Follow us on face book to see all the animals we have helped since 2009.  Follow the link below Ian’s story

This is the story of Ian.

We pulled Ian from the pound when he was about 4 months old and he was nothing but skin and bones. He was covered in ticks, severely dehydrated, malnourished, anemic, and a severe limp on his front right leg. I honestly didn’t think he would make it through the night, but this boy has more will to live than any dog I have ever seen.


We started IV’s, Vitamins, Flea and tick treatment, and good quality puppy food. Much to my surprise, he made it! He started getting stronger and played more. But 5 days later he got sick. He started vomiting, wouldn’t eat, and had diarrhea. So we took him to the vet for confirmation and he tested positive for Parvo. He was still skinny and week and we didn’t give him much of a chance of surviving this awful virus, but we had to try and give him the best chance we could. So we started him on IV’s, injectable anti-vomiting medication, vitamins, and antibiotics. For 7 days he fought with everything he had and surprised us again by over coming Parvo and getting better.


Now that the worst was behind us it was time to worry about the little things. He was missing hair on parts of his body and he still limped on his right front leg, so it was time for another vet visit. We did a skin scraping and diagnosed him with demodex mange, so we started him on Bravecto. We did xrays and found the right front leg to be severely broken at some point before he came into our care, due to the length of time the break had been there and location of the break our best option was to amputate. :( We scheduled the amputation for the next week. The day he was to go in for the amputation he came down with a horrible case of ringworms, due to the severity of the break and the amount of pain he had to be in our vet decided to continue with the amputation. Because of everything he had been through we were very concerned about post-op infections but we had to weigh the pros and the cons and try to make the best decision we could for him. We started him on 2 different antibiotics the day after surgery to try to prevent any infections and pain meds to make him comfortable, but this little guy surprised us again and made it through surgery and recovery just fine with no complications to be seen.

This little guy is a fighter and has more heart than I could ever imagine. We are now almost 4 weeks post surgery and he is full of life and energy. He feels great! He loves to romp and play with the other dogs and the cat. He has gained weight and most of his hair is growing back. He is finally, after all of this, almost healthy. For the first time in his life he gets to be a happy puppy with no worries at all. This little guy deserves so much in life, he deserves forever happiness.