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My Story

Please meet Buddy dog Buddy was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan but we were never able to find his home. He immediately bonded with the Good Samaritans other dog in the house so when we went to place him in foster care, we quickly realized that Buddy needed to be with other dogs. 

 His current foster home has a three larger size dogs and three smaller size dogs and he loves each and every one of them but especially Ginger.

He was reserved and unsure of himself when he entered his new home and now he has watched the pack and learned how to use the doggie door and he is crate trained as well but given the chance he will get on your bed. 

When you look into his face, you cannot feel anything but affection for this little guy – and he will return that affection many times over.  He has been getting the combination of intense affection, and the companionship of both humans and dogs for some time – which has enabled Buddy to become his own little person that would be a fabulous addition to the family that aligns their expectations with his character and needs.

Buddy believed to be about five years old and a pointer mix and most likely some whippet because as much as he eats, he loves to run and play and stays on the lean side.

To meet buddy is to love him so if you would like to arrange a meet and greet please complete the adoption application and thank you for rescuing.


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