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My name is **TUG!

I'm being cared for by
Almost Home NM
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(When grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
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Small red x Not good with kids
Small blue checkmark Good with dogs
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Please contact Janelle ( for more information about this pet.

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Approximate DOB 5/26/2017

Size - Small about 6-10 lbs maybe

History-  He had been at a local shelter and marked as having behavioral issues due to aggression. He would be fine with a dog savvy adult but no kids. However, a woman went in and adopted him. When the shelter told her he was aggressive and should not be adopted to a family with kids they chose to adopt him anyway and the shelter manager signed off on it as long as they signed the waiver. Well a few months later he was surrendered to us for aggression issues. We will be very selective when placing him as he does have behavioral issues - though they can be managed easily.

Temperament- This guy is super sweet and playful. He loves attention and cuddling. However, he has learned to bite when he doesn't like something and has learned he could scare people in the past with snapping. He absolutely does not like anyone's face in his -- soooo no kisses for him unless he initiates it after he has gotten to know you. He has some quirks we will go over with anyone interested in adopting him. He is a great little dog overall. 

Update- he has been here for a couple months and loves, loves, loves attention. He likes to sit on you and put his head on your chest and sometimes he will sneak a little kiss. He is very much a cuddler once he knows and loves someone. He does like other people and will go to them for attention but again nobody should ever put their face in his for kisses as that is probably why he has bitten. Another thing he hates is anyone taking his picture with a cell phone. So if you are looking at Facebook or making a call he is fine - he know the difference though and will start growling and snarling. Not sure if he was taught to do that or what but anytime he thinks you are taking his picture with your phone he looks like Cujo.   

Energy Level- Could be active but usually wants to be with us so if we are mosing around outside so is he and when we are inside so is he. He does like to play tug, fetch, and wrestle with his toys. He is the cutest thing in the world when he wants you to play with him. He will bring his toy for you to get one end and then once he knows you have it he growls and tries to tug it away- if you let go he will prance back up to you for you to grab it again. Funny little guy- hence his name is Tug. 

Dogs/Cats- He hates other dogs and the cats. He won't attack anyone but he doesn't want them near him ever and will growl at them and try to get away. He has learned to tolerate them but really doesn't care for other animals. He would be perfect for someone living alone that just wants a cute dog to take for walks and play tug with..

Housetrained- He does great with a dog door. He will not give an indication he needs potty though so if he does not have a dog door he will potty in the house if you do not take him out every few hours. 

Tug is the cutest sweetest boy but he does have some dominance aggression issues. He is not scared to warn someone and will absolutely not be placed in a home with children. He does have his triggers so whoever adopts him will need to watch for those. When he first meets someone he is very cautious so we might need a couple meetings prior to him moving someplace else. But if someone can follow the instructions for handling him and bonding with him he really is a perfect little boy with lots of love to give. His ideal family would be adults that don't require a lot of hugging and kissing on him initially -- once he bonds with you and knows he is not the boss then he is a perfect little do.. His ideal family would enjoy playing tug, taking walks, and hanging out. We have had volunteers out and he loves all the attention from them and they all laugh when I tell them he is here for severe aggression. Sooo I think we got it under control for the most part you just have to be able to give him time to bond, give him space, and not let him get away with being a jerk as he was allowed in the past.. But once he knows you and loves you he is a very needy little guy who wants nothing more than to be with you..

***We have worked really hard on his issues-- at this point his only issue is he will get upset if he is asleep under a blanket and gets disturbed.. He will snap and growl.. If I need him to move I will tell him to move and get the corner of the blanket and just pick it up so he is not under it anymore and then we are fine. 

Adoption fee $100 includes neuter, age appropriate vaccinations (4 for puppies), deworming, microchip, rabies, collar and leash, training information, and all the support you need. 

Send us an e-mail to requesting an application to adopt this sweetie!! Animals are seen by appointment only. An application must be submitted to us prior to making an appointment. We do give a discount when adopting multiple pets.

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September 26, 2023, 5:32 pm

Almost Home NM

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Janelle Chavez
PO Box 772, Peralta, NM 87042

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Submit Application

Send an email to to request the adoption application

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We are a newly formed rescue in Peralta, NM. We are still very small and currently in process of getting our 501c3 tax exempt status.It is mainly just myself, my two daughters and a small group of volunteers. We only take in animals from shelters who are scheduled to be put down. All animals are housed in my home and on my property. We started this rescue due to the simple fact that there are so many wonderful dogs dying everyday at the shelters because there just isn't enough room.We do not discriminate against any breed. Every dog has the potential to be a great family pet, working dog, or therapy dog- just as every dog has the potential to become a "dangerous dog" due to the simple fact that they all (or most anyway) have teeth and can bite when provoked or trained to obey their owners commands.
We do it for the love of the animals and the need to find forever homes for the ones impounded due to no fault of their own.