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Introducing Mr. Belding, the feline sensation with a flair for the dramatic and a tail to tell!
Hey there, humans! I'm Mr. Belding, the cat who's been through more ups and downs than a roller coaster at a cat carnival. Yup, found myself in a bit of a pickle, couldn't strut my stuff on all fours, but fear not, I'm on the comeback trail! Turns out, my back legs were just on a temporary hiatus, nothing a little R&R couldn't fix. And with a mild case of CH (cerebellar hyperplasia), I’m extra cute and special! Now, let's talk about my favorite obsession: the dressage whip. Oh boy, you'd think I'm auditioning for a feline circus with the way I go bananas over that thing! One minute I'm pouncing on it like a pro, the next I'm expecting a royal grooming session fit for a king of my caliber. But here's the kicker: they say I've got about as many brain cells as there are cat memes on the internet. Yep, that's right, a grand total of two! Who needs smarts when you've got charm, am I right?  In an ideal world, I'd have a buddy to share my antics with, someone to groom me and engage in epic playtime battles. But hey, a cat can dream, can't he? Even if I never become a lap kitty extraordinaire, I'll always be one heck of a special boy, ready to sprinkle some feline magic wherever I go! So there you have it, folks! Mr. Belding, the cat with more charm than a mouse has squeaks and enough puns to keep you chuckling 'til the cows come home. Adopt me, and let the whisker-twitching adventures begin!

Mr. Belding =^..^=  ,  DSH Orange Target Tabby ,  Male  ,  DOB 4/7/2022

Adoption Application - Cat Around Town Project

June 22, 2024, 4:42 pm
Cat Around Town Project

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Camden, SC 29020

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Adoption Application and Interview with Home Visit, Vet Reference, Adoption Contract, Adoption Fee, Follow Up Home Visit; Pet Adoption return guarantee

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We will be holding adoption event days with PetSmart on Ft Jackson Blvd and Two Notch Rd as well as PetSense on Garners Ferry Rd. These are partnerships that we've initiated and that have been greeted with open arms by these great organizations. MUCH More to Come!

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At Cat Around Town Project, we believe that by spaying and neutering as many stray and colony cats as possible, we are proactively controlling overpopulation at its source. All kittens and any cats that are adoptable are removed from the colonies and adopted to suitable homes. One day, when the supply meets the demand, there will be a home waiting for every kitten in our community. .

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