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Belgian Laekenois puppies and dogs in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Looking for a Belgian Laekenois puppy or dog in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Belgian Laekenois near you.

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Photo of Dakota


German Shepherd Dog Australian Shepherd

Male, adult
Oklahoma City, OK
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Spayed or Neutered,
Hi my name is Dakota did you know and the meaning of Dakota is 'friend, ally' and that is what I am looking for. Can I join your pack, can I, can I? Ok, Ok Let me tell you some things about me I know I am moving a bit fast. I am anxious and ready to do my best with you. I am believed to be a mix of shepherd, possibly husky or collie and my dna test will tell us soon, I’m about 5 yrs. old but still an active boy, and around 50-55 lbs. I came to be homeless after an domestic tragedy took my family away, I miss my kiddos so much they were the best and they made sure I got to eat even if it was because I stole some things from them :-/ . I have learned better now but sometimes need reminders, with my “Leave it” command. That’s right I went to doggie school and learned some manners, my anxiety was controlling most of my life, I was too over eager for attention from my humans and tended to be too rambunctious, but when my foster mom would bring strangers around, I was nervous and wary. But hey, you can buy me off with food really quick I was buddies with my trainer in short time, she became my new favorite person the same day. Oh and since we are talking about food that is probably my favorite thing in the world.  At my previous home I didn’t know when and if food was going to come, so I would sneak what I could and eat everything that was given to me unsure of next time. I am kind of a vacuum cleaner when it comes to eating so eating in a slow food dish and puzzle balls is helping me slow down. Back to training, my trainer said I was a fast learner and eager to please. I have learned a loose leash walk but still need help in new places as I get anxious and will walk fast. I know sit, down, settle, leave it, wait, off, come, Yes (marker word), Ok, No (AHH’AHH’) and have house manners. These are all new things for me in the past few months so you will have to have my trainer show you what all I can do. Because if you let me show you what all I can do on my own it hasn’t gone so well in the past. So more about me is I love kids, they were the best part of my previous home. The rescue doesn’t think I was originally kept indoors even though I was found inside with my human kids. But indoor things made me nervous at first and I need time to adjust to reflections and those humans that hide in that TV box thing, I don’t smell them but I see them and that isn’t right. But I have taken to being a house dog but I also like to stay busy and do best with access to a doggie door and a doggie friend to wrestle with.  I would love to find a family that understands I am kind of like the cowardly lion at times, well maybe a kitten that’s had too much caffeine. Oh, and about those furry princesses’ you guys call cats they are okay also, not sure why they don’t have the same rules as me. I see the kitty get on the counter but if I even but my paws on it I get in trouble.  I love attention and my bubble of people; I have been learning and doing great at expanding my bubble of humans. I enjoy all the doggies I meet, but I want to play once I am comfortable so they all are not happy to meet me. I do respect the grouchy dogs that don’t want to play when they tell me off. I would be a wonderful running partner for anyone I have nice long legs for that and it gets my energy out. A tired Dakota is a happy Dakota. So are you ready to come adopt me, or maybe just foster me? I am so ready for a family of my own, a family where all the people love me and not just the older kids, and where I get food and am not left to go hungry. I have survived things no person or animal or my poor kids should ever have to witness a human do. I did my best to keep them safe. But then my family was ripped away from me, I was moved place to place, everything changed. I am waiting for a new family and during that wait I have had all my medical needs tended to and had to go thru heartworm treatment as well, I have struggled with the all changes and just want my forever home. Please look into my pretty brown eyes and my tall handsome self and just give me a chance.  But I ask you please give this deserving dog a chance, I am not prefect but I will love you more then you have been loved before.  I have been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated (including influenza).  I am now heartworm negative and current on heartworm/flea and tick preventatives.  My adoption fee is 175.00.  The first step in adopting me or to foster me is to complete an application for Dakota at You could make my dreams come true.  Do you want to adopt me?  Just go to and fill out an adoption application.  We do not ship our dogs and all adoptions are completed in person in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area.Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.June 1, 2023, 4:09 pm

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