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Portuguese Water Dog

Male, 7 yrs 3 mos
Burlington, NC
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Spayed or Neutered,
Dog Day Out, 7/19/24:We started our adventure by taking a car ride out in the country. Porthos is so well-behaved in the car! We made a stop for Cheetos (a little bird told us that they are his favorite treat,) and then we headed to Great Bend Park for a trail walk. Porthos was very well-mannered during our outing, walking well on a leash and eager to accept being petted by children we met. After our hike, we paid a visit to our home, where Porthos explored the yard and gots lots of attention. This is an unbelievably sweet, calm, and quiet dog - someone is going to be incredibly lucky to adopt him! I would describe him as a perfect gentleman. Volunteer notes, 7/9/24:Porthos is very obedient. Knows come and sit with hand gestures (he is very hard of hearing). He is treat motivated, and follows you closely when walking. Good on the leash! Porthos is a sweetheart and he loves being petted. He`s a large older dog and doesn`t have a lot of energy which is great for a lot of homes. He`s friendly, likes affection, but is content to lay at your feet.Short-term foster notes, 4/30/24:Porthos is a sweet, gentle, quirky old man. He is potty trained and will whine at the door when he needs to go out. He rides so well in the car and walks well on a leash. He does react to small animals like squirrels and cats who catch his gaze, so he can be brisk but a gentle tug in the right direction is usually enough to direct him back. Porthos loves soft treats and a welcoming couch. One of his favorites in our home was our water fountain, he loved it!! This unique man requires special care from a patient person who will dedicate time and have patience towards how his past life impacts his “now”. Loud noises startle him, though he is hard of hearing. We know he is a kind soul. He takes treats easily and kindly; he’s missing a bit of teeth so it helps to push food in the back of his mouth! He loves chips, chicken. He thoroughly enjoys tummy rubs and rolls when he’s excited!! We loved Porthos and wish he got along with cats because he is the BEST boy! He passes gas that could out-do grown men and we were grateful for every minute of it! We hope someone will love this handsome boy for the rest of his days. Volutneer notes, 4/24/24:Quiet, dignified Porthos has stolen our hearts! We cannot possibly pass by his kennel without taking him out. He has beautiful leash manners and also does well off leash in the play yard. Mostly he wants to take treats

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