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Male, Young
Toronto, ON
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with dogs, Not good with cats, Needs experienced adopter, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Oscar is a handsome athletic labradoodle, we adopted him at 5 months and he's just turned 2 last month. Oscar is full of bouncy energy and is very affectionate with his care takers. He will rest his snout on your shoulder as you drive for instance. He likes to chase and fetch balls and catch frisbees. He's great at going on runs with his leash and can be your pace maker. He does very well off leash in dog parks but can be reactive while on leash. He's very smart and has been through puppy and intermediate training at Pet smart and we had a few private trainer sessions. He sits, goes down, comes, gives paws and is learning to go to his mat and tuck. He won't jump on furniture and sleeps on his own blanket in our bedroom. Oscar is head shy and will usually dodge pets from strangers. When he is anxious or stressed he may bite people he doesn't trust My mother who has dementia has been bitten a few times by him. With patience and building on his training, he could be a great doodle!

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Labrador Retriever Shiba Inu

Female, 1 yr
Toronto, ON
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Heather - Heather -------------------- Name: Heather Age: 4 months and a half (Born on June 15th) Gender: Female Weight: 10 kilograms Breed: Mix (Mother is a Labrador mix, Father is a mix breed) Vaccination and Neutering: Vaccination is complete, and neutering is planned for the future. Relationship with adults: Heather is friendly and likes people but can be a bit restless. She's a lively pup and resembles her mom in both looks and temperament. Relationship with kids: Heather hasn't met kids, but she seems to be friendly and approachable. Relationship with other dogs: She gets along well with her siblings and has been trained not to play too roughly. She can adjust and play in a controlled manner. Relationship with cats: Heather has met a cat but approached it too enthusiastically. She didn't show aggression but needs to learn some manners. House training: Heather mostly does her business indoors and is good with pee pads. Energy level: Being a young large breed puppy, her energy level is high. Ongoing training is necessary to make her attentive to human commands. Separation anxiety/Barking: Heather doesn't have separation anxiety and doesn't bark much even when playing actively. Touch and handling: Heather enjoys being touched and licking instead of nipping. She has been trained to lick rather than nip. She likes being close to people. Walking on the leash: She is a bit unsure about collars and harnesses but enjoys walks. Escape artist: Heather doesn't try to escape but may push through a low fence to approach people. Rescue Story: Heather was rescued from a difficult situation. She had her right front leg amputated when she was just two months old, and she suffered from gangrene. Despite receiving no medical treatment, she was left tied up in a stone yard. She was discovered in distress and rescued.
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Labrador Retriever American Bulldog

Male, 4 yrs 6 mos
Toronto, ON
(when grown) X-Large 101 lbs (46 kg) or more
Spayed or Neutered,
Flurry is a loyal, affectionate, lost boy who is adrift in life without a loving human anchor. After being pulled from a high-kill Texas shelter by a rescue that ended up abandoning him along with dozens of other dogs, he was left in a dusty pen 24/7, until one day someone dug under the fence, and he and another male dog were able to get into a fight. With so many other dogs on the property, he had to be put in an outdoor kennel and was stuck in there for nearly a year and a half. While the other dogs left on the property found homes one by one; being a bigger dog, and not great with other dogs, he was at the bottom of the list. Finally one day his chance came, and Flurry was offered a spot in a foster home with a bunch of university students in Ontario. He got off the bus and found himself the center of attention for a whole group of people and his world exploded with joy! He just loved every little part of his new experience of being a well-cared-for pet...somehow one minute was even better than the one before it and he was in heaven. The sorrow of his many, many months of waiting in the hot Texas sun for his life to start just melted away. Living inside where it's warm and dry, or cool and dry, with soft places to sleep, and having people to lean on for pets and snuggles seems to be all he ever dreamed of.While he was living with the university kids, people were in and out of the house all the time. He loved it. He had no problem with visitors and welcomed tummy rubs from one and all. As a matter of fact, he expected them, and pretty much insisted that each guest paid a tummy-rub entry fee. He doesn't care who you are or who you vote for as long as you have some time to give him some loving'. He even joined us at our booth at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto, where he was calm and friendly in a crowd of hundreds of people.Incredibly, things got even better for Flurry when he got adopted this spring, by a lovely woman with 3 youngish sons. The family bonded with Flurry deeply from minute one. He had found his soulmate, and she even had 3 new BFFs for him to play and snuggle with. They called him Oliver. It's hard to imagine how life could have been better. Flurry was home.....Until one day, he suddenly lunged at the woman's 70-something year old mother. He had growled at her a few times, but not consistently so the woman disregarded the signs. When the grandma was at the house the time prior to this incident, he was completely fine and normal with her. In retrospect, the woman feels that Flurry displayed this negative attitude towards the grandma only when the boys were present. The woman was absolutely devastated; Flurry had filled a hole in her heart and gave her the constant stream of love and affection she'd been missing. They were a perfect match and she didn't want to lose him. She was prepared to undertake training to overcome this hurdle, but her mother was definitely not. She would no longer help with babysitting the boys until Flurry had been rehomed. We posted him for re-adoption. It felt like an unimaginable blessing to have gotten a new application for him almost immediately! A young couple in Oakville wanted him to be their first dog. They were told all about his background, of course, and we felt optimistic that he'd adapt well to their household as he'd be getting loads of attention and cuddles. The couple understood that he isn't well-socialized with other dogs, but at both his foster home and his home with the woman, he mostly ignored other dogs he'd see on walks and he wasn't described by anyone as being reactive. But it didn't go well. We can't know if it was because his heart was shattered to be taken from his beloved family, or if he just sensed something he didn't like about his new woman, or maybe it was just because his new neighbourhood has more dogs than he'd been used to and he started feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes dogs sense if their handler is intimidated, and become protective. The wife of this couple found him to be difficult to manage on leash walks. She'd never had a big dog who was reactive to other dogs and didn't know how to calm or redirect him, and refused to consult a trainer for support. She became so anxious that Flurry seemed to realize that she didn't really like him, and she made him uncomfortable. Naturally that didn't help their relationship, and after only 10 days with him, she called it quits. It's worth noting that her husband is wild about Flurry, and thinks he's perfect, other than his dislike for his wife. He called Flurry the perfect man's-best-friend. There are quite a few people who've gotten to know him over the past half a year, and they all said the same things about him, that he's super friendly, loves tummy rubs and head scritches and couch cuddling, has been happy with a few regular leash-walks a day, and mostly ignores other dogs. Clearly he can also be reactive towards other dogs, and his adopter should be prepared to learn how to manage this. A rural home or one in an area where he can walk without passing a constant parade of other dogs would be ideal. He's about 80-ish pounds. He's been known to be a pretty mellow guy, whose main thing is chilling out on the couch. Until moving to Oakville, he was described as being quiet and calm and an altogether lovely dog. He's very smart, LOVES to learn, and thrives with someone willing to play training games with him. LOVES his toys, will play as long as someone will play with him. We think he comes with working-dog genes, so he responds very positively to mental stimulation. Although he's been content without tons and tons of exercise, he does love to go on long walks and explore, and he'd probably be happiest with an active lifestyle. Weight: ~75 poundsGender: Male, NeuteredBreed: Lab XColour: WhiteMedical (past and present) & HW Status: Treated for HW; UTDGood with adults: YesGood with kids: YesGood with dogs: Needs proper introductionsGood with cats: NoHouse trained: YesCrate trained: YesCrate aggressive: Towards other dogs but never towards humansFood aggressive: Towards other dogs but never towards humans, will need to be fed separatelyLeash trained: Getting there!Energy level: MediumSuitable for an apartment: NoCan be handled: YesBarker: Not so far
We'll also keep you updated on Boo's adoption status with email updates.
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Labrador Retriever

Female, Young
Toronto, ON
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Needs experienced adopter, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
We are currently caring for Boo! She is one of the cutest and most affectionate dogs ever! She is excellent to have around while working. Most folks don’t even realize that she is in the room when I do Zoom calls. She greets me with a great deal of love whenever I come back to her, snuggles at night and loves to play at home and in the park. She would make an excellent addition to most families. We are helping Boo's original rescue (not listed on Adopt a Pet) find a family. - 12 months, Female, 36 lbs, labrador mix - Spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped - Crate trained (but likes snoozing and snuggling in her human’s bed) - Pee pad trained. No accidents at home! - Very affectionate and friendly with adults and kids - Docile and relaxed in the home when around people. - Selective with dogs in the home. Good with dogs in the park. - Loves some dogs immediately and slower introduction to other dogs

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