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Cairn Terrier Jack Russell Terrier

Male, 2 yrs
Boulder, CO
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with dogs, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Wilson could be that dream come true pup for active retirees who love spending their time with a cottony-soft and very engaging companion. He would be overjoyed with the time and attention that retired families often put into their dogs. Wilson is an adorable scruffy Cairn Terrier with a bit of Jack Russell in the mix for that extra cuteness. Wilson is 2 years old and 15lbs. Wilson was part of a bonded pair with another small dog, but unfortunately the shelter in New Mexico split them up before sending Wilson to Farfel's. When Wilson's friend was adopted, Wilson was alone and very scared and confused. We put him in a foster home without another dog, and he remained so scared. We then tried putting him in a foster home with another dog and immediately he became a whole new dog! Very happy and not scared at all. For this reason, Wilson MUST go to a home with another dog. Wilson was picked up as a stray in New Mexico and brought into a small, scary shelter. From there, Wilson got a ticket to Colorado, and made the journey here to find his forever home. Wilson is a bit timid at first, but with all the recent changes in his life, who could blame him!? Once he settles in, he is the happiest boy! As long as Wilson is with another dog, he warms up very fast. Wilson is the perfect size to enjoy outdoor fun... hiking, long neighborhood walks (once comfortable in is new home Wilson is a very social guy) and enjoying games in the yard or park would speak to this fun-loving guy. He's also very portable to take along on adventures everywhere a sweet and well-behaved smaller dog is welcome. From Wilson's foster: "I love Wilson! He was very timid/scared at first, but he has opened up a lot since I've had him home. He is spooked by my cats, but does well with my dog. He loves my dog and they play and they cuddle! I think he needs a home with another dog in it so he can learn from the other dog to feel safe and comfortable fast. His favorite thing to do is sit outside and watch the world go by. He loves the balcony! He's almost fully potty trained. He needs to be taken out every 4 or 5 hours to potty." While Wilson will initially be a bit uncertain, he's a very sweet boy once opened up. If he's given just a second (patience and yummy treats are helpful) he is happy to come around. Before you know it, Wilson is gently loving you up to let you know the strength of his feelings. The New Mexico rescuers recognized all of the wonderful qualities of this very sweet guy. They knew that Colorado was a perfect place for Wilson. They were positive that there was a home near the Rocky Mountains that would adore this beautiful dog and want to make him a permanent member of their family. Once Wilson is given the gift of great nutrition (a salmon oil supplement and five star food are perfect protocols) his coat will become the cottony-soft hair that speaks of good health. We believe that Wilson had a hard life prior to his rescue. He most likely had never experienced the joy of a sudsy bath. The very first goal of Wilson's rescuers was to give him a warm, sudsy bath with lots of cuddles. His beautiful tri-colored hair, with care and love, will always be healthy and soft as cotton. Wilson do well with a family who's invested in spending time with their pup. He's so pleasant and portable that he can be a part of any can be backyard play, a visit with friends, a car ride or just an afternoon spending time together plopped down on the couch - all of this would speak to Wilson's joy at being with his people. Farfel's isn't open to a forever home for Wilson where everyone spends their days working full-time hours outside of the home. We'd like him to get more time and attention than is possible with that lifestyle. A family that is retired or works from a home-based office would be an excellent match for Wilson. Wilson is available for adoption now. Applications are currently being accepted for this very sweet and loving best friend. An application can be found at If interested, please fill out completely and submit. PLEASE NOTE: If you're truly interested in adopting Wilson, please be sure to submit the Farfel's Rescue adoption application. You can access our application at the link above or at Rescue site applications such as Petfinder or Adoptapet don't provide enough information to be useful. Our Farfel's Rescue application is the only initial tool that we have to determine a great match for this very deserving dog. We're sorry, but in most circumstances, we're unable to get back to those that don't submit our Farfel's application. Thanks very much for choosing rescue.

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