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We'll also keep you updated on Baby Bat DG*'s adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Baby Bat DG*

Baby Bat DG*

Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher

Male, 6 yrs 6 mos
Clive, IA
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with cats,
Baby Bat embodies the personality, uniqueness and likeness of the Batman. First, he works alone. No sidekicks or partners. He prefers solitude and his space. Baby Bat has lived with his foster and her dog pack for 5 years, he gets along with them but tolerates them at most. He would do well in a home where he is the only dog, no children, and adults only. Next, Baby Bat is an apex predator. Which means he needs his sleep and food and not to be interrupted or coddled when given either. Baby Bat is not a lap or cuddly dog. Finally, did we mention Baby Bat is a Chihuahua mix? That's a really important detail! Baby Bat is a great and loyal dog seeking a great family to adopt him! Local adoption fee is $200 (in TX) Out of state adoption fee is $400 (includes transport to your area - $50 Temporary Fuel Charge will be added)
We'll also keep you updated on Grandpa Lucky GC*'s adoption status with email updates.
Special Needs
Photo of Grandpa Lucky GC*

Grandpa Lucky GC*


Male, 6 yrs 6 mos
Clive, IA
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with dogs, Good with cats, Needs special attention, Spayed or Neutered,
TEXAS ADOPTION ONLY Grandpa Lucky I have the weirdest name. What is that? "Grandpa Lucky. Sounds like I had a lot of luck in my short life, but I am not quite sure of all that. I just look like a Grandpa because I have lived outside most of the time and it is hard on a fella. I am only about 6 years old we think. First off, I was fished out of a river and taken to the city dog pound. I can't tell you how I got into the river, but foster mom suspects I had a little help with that. Well, it was lucky that I got fished out, but then I went to the city pound where I had 3 days before my time was up...literally. But then I got lucky again because foster mom saw me and just had to have me to foster so I got a ticket out of there. I was a pretty skinny dude when she got me, and it wasn't too long before she discovered that I love to eat. She noticed that I was having a little trouble walking on my back legs and that wasn't so good so when we got me checked out, it turns out that I have a little compression of my T4 to T6 vertebrae, whatever that is. Not good. But the vet lady said that nothing needed to be done for that so that was lucky. So, when I get a little tired, I hop like a bunny and the other times when I feel good, I walk like a regular dog. I had some tests done on my blood and I have worms living in my heart of all places. I am told that is not good. But it is lucky for me that foster mommy is giving me the medicines to kill those little varmints over time and not all at once. She said it is easier on me if we do it this way. Plus, it is lucky that I get the medicine in a little bit of tasty food that I love. Did I tell you I like to eat? About that, foster mommy tells me I can't gain too much weight, or it will be too hard on my joints and back and that won't be good. Aren't I lucky to have her to take care of me? The one complaint I have with foster mommy is that she doesn't have enough time to let me sleep in her lap during the day. I would like to have a lap in my new forever home and someone who will love me as much as foster mommy does. Because of the medicines that I am taking to kill the worms in my heart, we are looking for a forever home in the San Antonio area so I wouldn't have to travel so far. Besides having a lap to sleep in during the day, I want to sleep in the bed with you at night. I can't jump off the bed though but being with you all the time is what I want. Then I would really feel lucky! $200 Local adoption fee (in Texas)
We'll also keep you updated on Pontus KL's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Pontus KL

Pontus KL

Rat Terrier Jack Russell Terrier

Male, 8 mos
Clive, IA
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Spayed or Neutered,
Pontus is an awfully big name for a pup like me to have :) I mean, the kingdom of Turkey?? I am just a little bit immature for that kind of responsibility! However, I can handle the cute face and puppy eyes to get you to adopt me!!! :) Seriously! So I am a terrier mixed boy, about 25# right now and likely about 30 to 40 # full grown. I am smart, I am happy and very loving! I love other dogs and will play all the time! I love kids and all big people too! i am just too cute to have to explain anything else about me, ADOPT.....DON'T SHOP!!! OUR LIVES' DEPEND ON IT!! Local adoption fee is $250 (in TX) Out of state adoption fee is $500 (includes transport to your area, $50 temporary fuel fee will be included)

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