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Special Needs
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Female, 5 mos
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with dogs, Good with cats, Needs special attention, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
If you're looking for a dog who is one in a million, we have just that: meet Pony the blind, narcoleptic puppy! Pony is an amazing little girl. She is intelligent, playful, and so loving. Pony just doesn't have bad days! She came to Brave with a local family had an accidental litter of puppies and they wanted to make sure Pony, who they could tell was blind, found the best home. After just a day in her foster home, her foster family noticed seizure-like "episodes" where Pony would pass out, twitch, then wake up ready to play. A trip to the neurologist taught us she has narcolepsy, a condition where she falls asleep randomly. These episodes are induced by stress and excitement and can last 1-4 minutes a time. Pony is on medication that curbs these episodes, reducing them from sometimes dozens of times a day to a few times a week. While her narcoleptic episodes do not hurt her or damage her brain, they do bring her quality of life into question when they're not managed. That is why it is necessary Pony stays on medication throughout her life.  Key information to note if you're considering adopting Pony:  Blindness: Pony relies on her other senses to navigate her environment, so expect her to sniff, listen, spin, and feel her way around. Providing a safe and secure space for her to explore is essential. A home with minimal stairs or stairs that can be gated will be necessary. Pony visited a veterinary eye specialist who confirmed she is completely blind. Pony has microphthalmia, or underdeveloped eyes. The vet saw no issues or need for surgery at this time.  Narcolepsy: Pony will have narcolepsy her whole life. Potential adopters will need to be willing to establish care with her neurologist in Omaha and schedule routine check-ups as necessary. Regular communication with Pony's neurologist is essential for monitoring her condition and adjusting her treatment plan as needed. As she's growing, monthly weight updates will need to be communicated with her neurologist to adjust medication. She currently takes liquid medication by mouth every 8 hours (approximately 6am, 4pm, and 10pm). At this time, her medication is not able to be adjusted to every 12 hours.  Accommodations: Overall, Pony is a regular puppy. She plays, she finds things to chew on, and she has potty accidents. Due to her disabilities, Pony might take longer to learn house rules. She is slowly making progress with potty training. She also uses potty pads in her gated area. However, when Pony has free-reign of the house she does not remember where Potty pads are and does not cue when she needs to go outside. Consistent supervision, frequent bathroom breaks, and positive reinforcement will be key in helping her learn.Pony's blindness makes her vulnerable to accidents, especially around stairs and unfamiliar surroundings. Keep pathways clear and consider installing safety gates to prevent falls. At night and while her foster family is at work, Pony is kept in an x-pen (lovingingly called her "stable") where she has access to food, water, her bed, and potty pads. A set up like this will be necessary when adopting Pony and extremely helpful in her transitioning to another environment.  Working Through Issues: Adopting Pony will require patience and understanding as you help her adapt to her new life. With any pet we adopt out, we want adopters to make informed decisions and be 100% committed to adopting their new pet. This is even more true for adopting Pony. We know she is cute and amazing, but PLEASE take the time to consider if you are truly able to care for her and her special needs.  Pony's Ideal Home: Adopters will need to be financially stable and able to support her medication and vet visits (neurological visits will likely be yearly initially). Adopters will ideally be dog-savvy and able to work through (or accept) issues and obstacles. We are requiring she goes to a home with other animals. They help her learn and adjust and she gets immense joy from playing with them. Pony would do best in a home without children (this includes children who visit frequently).  House trained: No - she is a puppy and she is still learning. Being blind also poses additional challenges in potty training. Leash trained: No Kennel trained: She is "kenneled" in a play-pen area that has her water, food, bed, and potty pads. Rides well in a car: Yes. She is wiggly so she needs to be kenneled or held by someone not driving. Good with other dogs: Yes, fostered with two large dogsGood with cats: She LOVES cats and likes to wrestle with them like they're puppies! Good with young children (under 10): Needs a child-free homeShy or confident: ConfidentBarks: NoApartment qualified: Yes Health concerns or special needs: Pony is blind and has narcolepsy - current montly medication costs are $70/month We believe Pony is a long hair chihuahua (we've seen photos of parents) and was born January 8, 2024. She is fostered in a private home in Lincoln. The adoption fee is $400 which helps cover the cost of vetting procedures. Adoptable pets will have received age-appropriate vaccines and dewormings, a microchip, heartworm test (if applicable) and a spay/neuter. If you’re interested in adopting this puppy/dog, please submit an inquiry or email to ask about our adoption process (please check your spam or junk email if you do not hear back from us within a few business days). We are 100% volunteer staffed and will respond to your email as soon as possible. After you have submitted an and been approved, we will set up a meet and greet between you and the puppy/dog. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about Brave Animal Rescue and our mission.  ##2012816##
We'll also keep you updated on Diego's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Diego



Male, Puppy
Lincoln, NE
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good with dogs, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Diego is a playful 8 month old male chihuahua puppy! He came to us from the local shelter where he was surrendered with his sister, mother, and another chihuahua as their owner had too many dogs. All 4 of the dogs were very scared and under socialized, so the shelter reached out as they thought they would do better in a foster home environment. Diego was the most scared and spiciest of the 4 in the shelter but warmed up to his foster mom within 5 minutes and was behaving like a typical playful puppy jumping all over her and giving her lots of kisses. His new family will need to be patient and understand that he will be slow to trust new people and will be scared and timid in new environments. He loves to play and cuddle with his sister, mom, a couple foster fur siblings and his foster mom. Diego loves to play with toys and will need a securely fenced yard to run around in as he’s a tiny escape artist as he’s very adventurous. He loves food and thinks he’s a parrot as he loves to sit on his foster mom’s shoulder. He gets along with the dogs and cats in his foster home but will chase the cats if they run, so he would probably do best in a home with dog savvy cats. He is housetrained and will use potty pads as well as go potty outside. Diego is neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on all age appropriate vaccinations, and his adoption fee is $500. If you are interested in meeting him complete an application from our website at and we will be in touch!

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