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Castaway Pit Bull Rescue

Indianapolis, IN 46260

dogs at Castaway Pit Bull Rescue
This rescue hasn't posted any pets that match these criteria.

Areas Castaway Pit Bull Rescue serves

Indianapolis, Indiana
Hamilton County, Indiana
Marion County Indiana

Castaway Pit Bull Rescue's adoption process

Additional adoption info

Thank you for your interest in one of our rescue pit bulls! We truly appreciate that you have chosen to adopt from a rescue instead of buying from a breeder or pet store. Before we release one of our rescues out into a new home, we must make sure that we are completely certain that our dog and their potential adopter is going to a compatible match that will last the lifetime of our dogs.
• Please be aware that we ask for this information to assist with matching you with a dog that is right for you and your family.
• We will review your application and call your veterinarian’s office to verify the information you have provided.
•We do require a home visit for all potential adopters. This allows us to see the possible new home our dog will be living in and it also allows us to introduce our dog to any other pets that you have at your home. This will be a good chance to see how our dog and your other pet will interact.
• During a Home Visit/Pet Introduction is also an opportunity for us to decide whether they are going to be a compatible living in the same home together, or if we believe that your home isn’t going to be a good choice for our dog because of possible tension between the animals.
•It is normally the reactions from our dogs and to your other pets that have become the deciding factor. Some dogs and cats can live peacefully together in one home, and sometimes it can lead to extreme tension; which, unfortunately, can lead to a power struggle for dominance. That type of situation can be dangerous for the dogs and for you, the owners.
•We also want to place our dogs with someone we believe will be compatible with their lifestyle and activity level.

About Castaway Pit Bull Rescue

The mission of Castaway Pit Bull Rescue, Inc. is to take Pit Bulls that have been abandoned, abused, or have become lost, and to place them in permanent housing in order to provide a safe haven for Pit Bull Terriers that might have otherwise been destroyed.

We individually rehabilitate, socialize, and train each rescue that comes to use, with the hopes that all of the dogs will be able to be rehomed in time. We do not believe in euthanizing any of our dogs because of lack of space or because we don't have enough time to work with a dog that has severe or multiple behavioral issues. We believe that someone, somewhere has already failed them once in their lives, We are not going to fail them again by throwing in the towel and quitting on them again.

We mainly rescue Pit Bulls, because the are the most abused and misunderstood breed of dog today. We love the breed and will make every attempt we can to help as many Pit Bulls as possible. We know we will never be able to save them all, but if we can in some way better the lives of a few hundred; we will have no regrets.

We will also rescue Pesa Canario's, Dogo Argentina's, and Cane Corso's. These breeds are also commonly abused, neglected and used in the cruel blood sport of dog fighting.

Castaway Pit Bull Rescue's adopted pets

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