DAR- Rescue & Rehabilitation Animal rescue in Sacramento, CA

DAR began as a small single individual ran mission to save lives, and over the last few years has grown to become an all volunteer and community supported private rescue. Slowly, individuals banded together and formed a small organization that eventually branched out and began to work under large well known rescues to save dogs and cats from euthanasia at shelters all over. Through social media, DAR was able to successfully reach out to surrounding areas and help rescue and do TNR. We continue to welcome other rescue groups and partners in our alliance to save animals and push for shelter reform and affordable pet care for low income communities. We are not affiliated with any shelter or other rescue, but do welcome community support and growth through community partnerships.

Sacramento, CA 95616
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Adoptable pets at DAR- Rescue & Rehabilitation

We'll also keep you updated on Cornbread good with birds/ca's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Cornbread good with birds/ca

Cornbread good with birds/ca

Labrador Retriever

Male, Young
Sacramento, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Gunner - burned by acid!!'s adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Gunner - burned by acid!!

Gunner - burned by acid!!

Mastiff/Pit Bull Terrier

Male, Young
Sacramento, CA
We'll also keep you updated on cinnamon the grey faced beauty's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of cinnamon the grey faced beauty

cinnamon the grey faced beauty


Male, Senior
Sacramento, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Willow the exquisite pitty's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Willow the exquisite  pitty

Willow the exquisite pitty

Pit Bull Terrier/Cattle Dog

Female, Young
Sacramento, CA
We'll also keep you updated on rosie the cuddly pitty's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of rosie the cuddly pitty

rosie the cuddly pitty

Pit Bull Terrier

Female, Young
Sacramento, CA
We'll also keep you updated on hashtag - gentle boy's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of hashtag - gentle boy

hashtag - gentle boy

Pit Bull Terrier/Bulldog

Male, Senior
Sacramento, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Yogurt the sweet kitten good w's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Yogurt the sweet kitten good w

Yogurt the sweet kitten good w


Female, Kitten
Sacramento, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Roomba the mini bully's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Roomba the mini bully

Roomba the mini bully

Pit Bull Terrier/Bulldog

Male, Young
Sacramento, CA

Rescue FAQs

DAR is a dedicated volunteer ran organization that serves the Davis community, and rescues animals from Northern and Souther California. We have fosters as far as the California/Oregon border, to LA, with most of our adoptable animals centralized in Northern California, in Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, and Modesto. Through our rescue partners and strong dedicated rescue volunteer affiliations, we are able to rescue dogs, cats, small mammals, and livestock. We are not affiliated with any other rescue or shelter, this is foster based rehabilitation program that receives no public assistance. We can not be reached by contacting other shelters or rescues, as we have our own separate screening and adoption process. Please closely follow the instructions for the adoption process to submit an application or inquire about one of the rescues animals listed. Due to the number of emails, calls, and general inquiries, we are unable to get back to every individual. Thank you for understanding.


  • 1. Submit Application
  • 2. Interview
  • 3. Meet the Pet

Additional adoption info

====== Adoption process ========

We do not accept email inquiries. You must complete an application or your adoption can or will be denied
*Everything must be completed entirely or the adoption will not take place. We reserve the right to deny an applicant or adoption at any time, and adoption fees are non-refundable, so please thoroughly research the breed * We make no guarantee about the dogs lineage, medical history, or the like.
The rescue does not adopt more then one puppy to each family. Per the rescues policy, we do not adopt littermates together. All dogs will be fixed and vaccinated , whether prior to adoption or by the adopter. The adopter can complete the spay/neuter for their adopted puppy at their own vet for a discounted adoption, or bring the dog back for their spay and neuter date for the full adoption fee. The rescue is not responsible for post-adoption medical, unless the dog is coming back under the rescue for their set surgery date by DAR.

DAR doe not adopt dogs to be companions for infants or young children. Children must be over the age of 8 years for a small dog adoption and demonstrate calm and mature behavior. Adoption inquires asking to make a dog a companion for a 2 year old will be denied, as children that young can not be held responsible for the care of an animal and we want responsible adopters for the safety of the dog or cat.

The adoption fees are non-negotiable , and the rescue sets the adoption fee based on their evaluation and what they feel appropriate to help offset expenses and support other dogs in the rescues care. The adoption fee is set at what the rescue deems appropriate.

Adopters can not have a criminal or felony history, or any person(s) residing in their home. The adopter or any person(s) residing in the home can not have any prior history of animal theft, animal abuse, or bad recommendations from other rescues or shelter agencies. The adopters must abide by the rescues adoption policies and process.

Animals are either spayed/neutered or will come back for their spay/neuter and rabies at a date set by the rescue, or the adopter will complete this with a spay and neuter agreement in the time frame set - we take this very seriously, so please ask questions prior to adopting .

1) We require an initial application to ensure that the animal being inquired about will be a good fit for the potential adopters. We will not accept an adoption or proceed with an adoption without an application on file.We do not provide personal contact info for the foster family. Adoption coordinators will review the dog/cats file, and discuss any concerns or questions in reference to the dog being inquired about. Please allow a week for response. Sometimes volunteer are unable to get back to every single inquiry. Due to the high volume of inquiries it is not always possible for us to respond to every application and email. If there is no response, generally the animal being inquired about is adoption pending or adopted. Please do not send duplicate emails.

Please click the link and fill out the application and continue reading the next steps:

2) We do not allow adoption holds.
Adopters MUST be ready and willing to complete each step within 24-48 hours. Meetings for adoptable dogs and cats will continue to be set until the dog/cat is adoption pending. Home checks should be scheduled or a virtual home tour completed and take place within 48 hours of an application approval. The adoption meeting can be set after the home check is approved/
Adoptions are first come first serve if the applicant is a good fit and approved by the foster and coordinator. We reserve the right to deny any applicant.
Meetings are held in a public place decided upon by the adoption coordinator or at our local vet.

3) A home check is mandatory to complete any dog adoptions. Cat adoptions are subject to approval with the coordinator and the foster. The home visit is to ensure the atmosphere is safe and conducive to healthy growth and development for the animal. We do allow out of area adoptions on a case by case basis, please discuss this with the adoption coordinator.

4) Adoption finalization - upon approval of both the adoption coordinator and the Co-director/Director. The home check must be approved, and the animal vetted or will return for vetting if to young or does not meet the weight requirement.

5) All cats and dogs are exposed to other cats and dogs unless otherwise noted. We make no guarantee as to any animals lineage, disposition, or medical history. We disclose any information we have about animals but most come in with unknown histories.

***Your inquiry submission does not guarantee an adoption. We can't hold animals, applicants should be ready to adopt or we will place their application on hold until such a time comes when there will be adequate time for adjustment and bonding with your new companion.Please read all of the procedures before inquiring.***

Adoption fees range according to breed, age, and medical care required and any history. Surgeries have been restricted or reduced due to COVID, dogs and cats might be adopted with a spay and neuter contract

Large Dog adoption fees - 7 years and under $150-$675

Small dog adoption fees - 8 years and under $200-$875

Puppies 1.5 years and under - $150-$350 or $350-$875

Puppies: popular/rare breeds/rescued overseas: $650-$950

Adoption fees depend on breed/breed mix, age, medical needs or completed medical, disposition, and based on the rescues adoption fee determination for each dog. Each dogs adoption fee varies and is set based on the rescues guidelines for evaluation. The rescue sets the adoption fee based on what they deem appropriate and it can be lower or higher then the range noted above. Adoption fees go towards keeping the rescue running, paying for boarding, training, shelter pull fees, food, transport, flights, quarantine, medical care, and more. Adoption fees are non-negotiable.

Senior dogs *large breeds* 9+ years $150-$350

Geriatric dogs over 11+ : $150 or fees waived *special cases & approved applicants *seniors/veterans* and the dog is sponsored and veterinary care is provided for the remainder of the dogs life depending on the sponsorship or particular case.

Purebred & general dogs over 5 years $100-$450

Hospice & special needs dogs - **Adoption fee waived**
*hospice dogs if part of the sponsorship and noted will have vet bills covered for life. Must be approved match. match priorities for seniors and veterans.

Adoption fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. Adoption fee ranges are subject to change and are determined by a number of factors, including but not limited to - breed(s), age, medical needs, medical care received, disposition, food, boarding, transport, etc. The cost of care for each individual dog generally exceeds the adoption fee once medical is done, the length of care and supplies for the care, transportation cost, shelter pull fees, etc.

Kitten adoption fees $45-$175
Adult cat adoption fees - $35-$150
Purebred kitten adoption fees $150 and up
Geriatric & special needs cats - *case by case basis* fees are generally waived to approved homes.

The adoptions fees are subject to change and are evaluated for each individual animal. Surgeries are currently limited or not being performed due to COVID. Adopters may adopt with a spay and neuter agreement in place

A portion of each adoption feed is given back to the community through donated supplies, community TNR, microchipping assistance or to support other rescues and shelters. The adoption fee for each animal includes a DAPP vaccine, Rabies, microchip, de-worming *pyrantel*, flea/tick treatment, heartworm preventative, spay/neuter, dental work *older dogs*,*disposition and behavioral screening, leash, collar, and medical records *if not given at the time of the adoption, please send a written request and allow up for 30 days for medical record transfer*. Puppys go home with a basic starter kit *depending on availability - not guaranteed.

We make no guarantee about the compatibility of a dog/cat with the other people in your household or with your animals. What volunteers and fosters asses in their home, is what we use to base our personality and disposition of the pet. We can not guarantee that any dog/cat will be compatible with children, other dogs, or cats in the home. The responsibility solely lies on the adopter to properly acclimate and introduce all family members in the home.

We make no guarantee about breed, lineage, exact age, or the like. Please thoroughly research the breed and characteristic prior to submitting an application. The best way to see if a dog is a good fit for your family is to attend a meeting
All fosters are subject to evaluation by the rescues coordinators and the rescue can check on the dog or cat and remove them at any time. Animals remain in foster care until an approved home is found. We provide the medical for the dogs, and all supplies needed such as food, when a written request is submitted. If no such request is made fosters agree to provide a quality diet, water, and a safe clean environment for the dog or cat. All food and supplies reimbursements must be approved through a rescue coordinator prior to purchase and receipts must be provided within 7 days. We can not reimburse for supplies not approved for the care of the dog or for supplies we can provide . All fosters must surrender fostered animals immediately upon demand if the rescue request. We reserve the right to deny any adoption applicant.

Adopted animals are left up on the page for up to 2 weeks during our trial and acclimation period. Once the dog is officially adopted , we remove them from the page or update the status .

We do not guarantee breed. We can only click two check boxed for mixed or purebred. If we aren't sure of the breed mix, or if the dog looks primarily like one breed, the dog might be marked purebred. Popular dog breed mixes will also be marked purebred depending on the breed mix if it's common or has become an actual breed of the mixes.

Adoption application

Pets at shelters & rescues near DAR- Rescue & Rehabilitation

Smiley Dog Rescue

PO Box 845,
Lafayette, CA 94549

Fulton Avenue Pet Resort

2173 Fulton Avenue,
Sacramento, CA 95825

Good Sense Dogs

6125 Stanley Ave,
Carmichael, CA 95608

We'll also keep you updated on BERLIN-A2104146's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of BERLIN-A2104146


American Pit Bull Terrier

Female, 2 yrs 10 mos
Santa Rosa, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Prince's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Prince


Domestic Mediumhair/Domestic Mediumhair

Male, Baby
Sacramento, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Flit's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Flit


Domestic Shorthair

Male, Senior
Rocklin, CA
We'll also keep you updated on *CHRISTIAN's adoption status with email updates.


Domestic Shorthair

Male, 3 mos
Sacramento, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Jake MC's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Jake MC

Jake MC


Male, Kitten
Vacaville, CA
We'll also keep you updated on Chapo's adoption status with email updates.
Photo of Chapo


Pit Bull Terrier/Mixed Breed (Medium)

Male, Young
Benicia, CA

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