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Winter Hazard #3: Heating Sources

Even in warmer climates like Southern California, there is a seasonal temperature change. On chilly evenings, nothing says cozy quite like a fire in the fireplace and enjoying time with those that we love – especially our pets. You might find your cat or dog perched in a location close to the fire to bask in the warmth, but this is dangerous and exposes them to flames and increased temperatures, which can potentially burn skin. In addition to the heat and flame dangers, we need to be cautious with the chemicals we may use to start or promote our fires, as they may produce toxic fumes that can hurt pets if inhaled. In this video, Dr. Mahaney and his adorable dog Cardiff help us identify the potential dangers with heating sources this Winter.

Easy tips to protect your pets from fireplace dangers:

  • Never leave pets alone with a fire.
  • Place a screen in front of the fireplace to prevent pets from getting to close.
  • Always make sure your fireplace is properly ventilated, as smoke can cause damage to your pets eyes and respiratory tract.

If you suspect that your pet has sustained a fire, heat, or smoke related injury please see your veterinarian immediately.

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