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Winter Hazard #1: Rock Salt

If you live in a cold climate where the Winter season brings snow and ice, then you’re familiar with our first hazard. Rock salt, also called road salt, is sodium chloride which is, quite literally, salt which is often mixed with a variety of chemical addi tives to produce the grainy, crystal-like substance that is sprinkled on streets and walkways during the cold winter months. While the mixture is great for deicing these areas, it is very tough on our pets’ paws and poten tially very dangerous if ingested. In the video above, Dr. Mahaney tells us how to protect our beloved pets from this common danger.

Easy tips to protect your pets from rock salt:

  • Clean your pet’s feet with a warm, moist cloth to remove rock salt and other environmental debris when returning from walks and outings.
  • Outfit your pet in special pet boots, which will provide a barrier between their vulnerable feet and roads and walkways.
  • Look for pet-friendly products when choosing deicers such as sand or products specially designed to be pet-safe.

If you suspect your pet is having a problem with their skin, digestive tract, or general health as a result of exposure to rock salt, please see your veterinarian immediately.

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