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This page is volunteer created and managed to assist the Elizabeth Animal Shelter in finding forever homes for their animals and assessing any of their needs. All of the information comes from volunteers helping the ACO’s and the animals of the shelter. If you have any specific questions, please contact the shelter directly at the contact information we have provided.

*Please be advised if you surrender an animal, the Elizabeth Animal Shelter is a kill shelter. If you have lost your animal you have 7 days to reclaim the animal, after it will be up for adoption, if deemed un adoptable and nothing more can be done, the shelter will have to take on different measures

Come meet our pets:

The shelter is located inside the city’s recycling center, through the gate.

Our hours are:

Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 3:00pm-4:00pm

*We strongly urge to visit the shelter to view more dogs and cats that may not be up on adopt a pet because lack of picture. There are several more animals in our shelter!

To find the dog or cat at the shelter we recommend you take with you a picture of the dog or cat, to better assist the ACO’s in the dog your interested in!

Our adoption process:

We promote adoption as much as we can for all our animals.
As of now there is a $10 dollar fee to adopt an animal from Elizabeth Shelter.

Must sign the appropriate paperwork to adopt the animal of your choosing. If you own the home where the pet is staying, please provide proof. If leasing an apartment, you must bring a lease contract stating that dogs or cats are allowed on the property where you lease.

*If living in the City of Elizabeth, all adopted dogs must be fixed within the first 30 days of adoption.

Assuming all responsibility for the animal, such as annual vet visits and vaccinations, any extra medical expenses, spay/neuter your pet, and city licenses to your respective city.

Now we are offering REHOME to any resident in Elizabeth trying to find their pets new homes! The Elizabeth Shelter unfortunately gets too many surrenders and this will be another great and quick alternative than the shelter. Instead of surrendering to the shelter, you can rehome your pet with millions of potential adopters through Adopt-a-pet.