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Featured Kitty for Adoption!
Pooh Bear is an incredibly people oriented and loving guy. He  never fails to greet me when I come into the room and looks for an ear scratch. He loves sitting high and looking out of the window at the world. Pooh is always ready for lap time. He will sit still for as long as you are willing to give him cheek strokes. He purrs very loud because he loves it so much.  He also talks to you especially when he knows he can get a treat! But he is fine by himself and plays with some of his toys, particularly a curled up pipe cleaner. And Pooh faithfully uses his scratcher. He also would like a cat companion who is gentle. PALS has put a lot of love and effort into him, fixing his eyelids which curled under with an eye specialist and a gofundme campaign and lots of special foster care when he was recovering. His eyes are deepest which gives him that tough endearing look but you will think he looks more like a teddy bear when you meet him in person. He put up with this recovery gracefully and is now 100% healthy. Pooh is the perfect roommate as a low maintenance kind of guy too and is very tidy. Just the perfect cat!