Do you know how awesome pigs are?!  Pigs are social, friendly, and intelligent animals who enjoy being clean and giving affection.  Sadly, every year too many pigs are abandoned to animal shelters because their owners didn’t really think through the decision to get a pig or didn’t learn the facts about what it entails to have one as a pet.  If you’re thinking of adopting a pig, please click here so that you know what expect from these loyal, sweet, silly animals!  Pigs are full of personality and can be lots of fun to have in your home.

Once you’re sure that you are ready to open your home to a pig, search our website for one to adopt in your area!  They will need proper pet care, routine veterinary visits, and wholesome nutrition just like other animals do.  They can also be trained to walk on a leash, follow basic house-training, and often get along with cats, dogs, and all kinds of species.  In short, pigs really do make fantastic pets and can really add joy to your life!  Just make sure you’re prepared to welcome one home.

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