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How Long Does It Take a Mastiff to Get Used to a New Home?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


It will generally take a Mastiff between a week and up to a couple of months to get used to a new home. The amount of time it takes will differ from one dog to the next, of course. Some will adapt to their new home relatively quickly and will become a part of the family in a matter of days. Others might take longer to feel comfortable in the home, but they’ll eventually come around.

It’s not just the unique personality of the Mastiff that could cause variances in how long it takes to adjust to a new home and family. It can also be the age of the dog. When dogs are older and have been accustomed to an owner, home, and way of life for a long time, it takes them longer to adjust. With puppies and younger dogs, the period of adjustment tends to be shorter. Just remember, all dogs are different, even if they’re the same breed. It will take your new Mastiff as much time as he needs to adjust and not a minute less.

However, you can do some things that help to make this transition period somewhat easier for him. Let’s look at how you can make your new Mastiff feel comfortable and welcome.

Give Him Time and Space

When you bring home your new dog, it’s natural that you want to play with him and dote on him all the time. You may also want to show him off to neighbors and friends. However, he’s going through a strange experience and is getting used to the new house, new smells, and you. Don’t overwhelm him. Make sure he has some space to call his own where he can get away and relax when things get to be too much. Let him come around in time.

Invite Him to Play and Be Part of the Activities

However, you also don’t want to ignore your dog. You should always invite him to hang out with you and the family whenever possible. Show him love, care, and attention, and be gentle with him. He’ll start to come out of his shell and be more active with the family in time.

Create a Routine Early

Dogs tend to do well when they’re put on a routine. It’s also good for the owners. You should start a routine from day one with your dog. This includes feeding him at the same times during the day, going on walks at the same time, and having frequent trips outside to go to the bathroom. This can help to reduce the chance of accidents, although they can still happen. This is particularly true when your new Mastiff is getting used to the new place and is nervous.

Remain Patient

You need to be patient when you bring home your new dog. Each dog has his own adjustment period. Be calm, kind, and don’t worry about any accidents that might happen in those early days. He’ll bond with you before you know it.

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