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How Can I Find a Home for My Mastiff?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


You can find a home for your Mastiff by talking with people you know and using adoption sites on the Internet. Of course, before you choose a home for your dog, you need to be sure it’s a suitable home and the owner can provide her with all of the attention and care that she needs.

When you’re looking for a home for your Mastiff, write down a list of the things that she needs. This could be a medication that she has to take, for example. Maybe she doesn’t do well when she’s left on her own or maybe she chases cats. Think about all of the things that your dog does or needs that a new owner will need to know so they don’t have an unwelcome surprise after bringing her home. Once you know what your dog needs, it becomes easier to know whether someone will be a good match for her or not.

Finding a Home with People You Know

Let people in your life know that you have to give up your dog. It can be hard to bring up this conversation with people because you never imagined that one day, you’d have to give her up. However, you want to be sure that she finds a great new home, so you need to be honest. You may find a friend or a family member that would like to adopt her from you. If they already know her and have bonded with her, this can be a good and easy way to rehome your Mastiff.

Of course, you still need to be sure that the new owner, even though you know them, will be capable of providing for her properly. Mastiffs are large dogs, and they’ll need to have more space than other dogs because of their size, for example.

Rehoming Using an Online Service

The Internet has helped to make it easier to find people who are willing to adopt your dog. However, if you’re advertising online, you need to be sure that the people who want to adopt have your dog’s best interests in mind.

A good way to do this is by charging a rehoming fee. It not only ensures they’re willing to invest in your dog, but it helps to reduce risk to your dog. Some people look for free dogs online that they then use for fighting or to sell to labs. They don’t want to pay, so the rehoming fee acts as a preventative measure.

You could also use a site like Rehome, which is a service geared toward helping owners and adopters come together. The site is free for owners to use and they only charge a small rehoming fee to the adopter. You’ll set up a profile for your Mastiff on the site that can include photos, videos, and a detailed bio. The adopters can choose to apply to become her new owner. You will review the applications and then determine who will be the best fit for your dog. It’s a safe and easy way to find a home for your dog.

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