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Why Do Landlords Not Allow Cats?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024

Why Do Landlords Not Allow Cats?

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Landlords don’t allow cats because they don’t want to deal with potential damage, odors, fleas, and other issues that could arise. Even if your cat never has an accident and you’re a meticulously clean pet owner, once a landlord has one bad experience, it can make him not want to rent to pet owners again. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate with the landlord, but other times you’ll just have to find a different rental.

Asking The Landlord To Change His Mind 

Whether or not a landlord will change his policy regarding pets depends on a few things such as:

The Rental Competition

In The Area

Landlords need to keep their properties rented, so if there aren’t many renters in your area, you’ll have a better chance of getting the landlord to change his policy. 

The Number Of Pets

You’ll have a better chance getting a landlord to change his no-pet policy if you only have one cat rather than multiple. 

If You’re Willing To Pay An Additional Deposit

Consider offering to pay a larger deposit or even a non-refundable cleaning fee in order to be allowed to keep your cat in the rental. Since most landlords are worried about damage or additional cleaning, this may be enough to get him to change his mind. 

You’re A Historically Good Tenant

Landlords want someone who will pay their rent on time and take good care of the property. Provide references, letters from past landlords, and anything else that you think will prove you’ll be an excellent tenant. 

The good news is that while some landlords won’t allow cats, there are plenty who will. If you’re having trouble finding a pet-friendly rental, call your local SPCA or humane society and ask if they keep a list of pet-friendly rentals in your area. 

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